Making Decisions— An Art

The run of everyone is astonishing.
Go they by speed and terms
suitable to them in their own
Going by acceleration entertains a few.
Processing by moderation takes many.
Remaining lethargic finds its way in most.

The rate and velocity depend upon the hype
closely endorsing quickest resolutions in type.
Resolving does need an understanding deep
ploughing into the intricacies and recovering
the evidences with proofs and prohibitions
making the destination stong and fool-proof
most likely to make it practical and above criticism.

Such modulations are possible only in moderation
wherein you think, deliberate and then act
designating a sensible empowerment
and a rational investigation to decide
and promote a succinct intervention
arriving on an integrated solution.

The habit of lethargy is comfortable
in not doing anything and not deciding
keeping mum over all burning issues
allowing them to pass on their own
rain or shine nothing to stop the going.
as inertness is the motivation around