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moderationA moderation be on the scene
that being of a composure
not letting out the feeling like the teens
showing a tempered approach in posture
that be of great interest to all
as an affectation leads to a distaste
an extreme attempt directs to a fall
a little withdrawal in no haste
brings in a lot of success unexpected
exclusiveness should be the motivation
a plausibility of mingling with a restraint detected
shows a voluminous relishing sensation


love broken guy.He called her in a frequency
wanting to know in buoyancy.
She kept answering him in relevance
telling him of the outcome with patience.
He was not in a mood to accept the delay
forced her to come out with an inlay.
She in a measured tone gave her reply
telling him of her plight in going with him .

He persisted on his way of approach
while she wanted nothing of reproach.
Being in such approval and disapproval
their talk became a quarrel of reprisal.
he then took a drastic decision
that of breaking from her in haste.

Shocked she was but got over it at once.
She walked away without a glance.
He sat there motionless and in trance
Patching up seemed to be out of chance.
He then feeling for his impetuosity
had to walk away with great remorse.