A Session Over

A session over  as of now

a schedule nothing of private

dedicated to the Almighty

done with a  shining glow

an execution being delicate

a ritualistic performance to the Mighty

been carried out with diligence

invites a lot of criticism good and bad

the bad outnumbering the good

at times creates a depression  in a reticence

induces the mind to feel the pain  and feel sad

casts a dilemma untold and forces one to brood

what be the necessity to steer ahead?

what be the need to have led the event ?

could have sat in a corner like the rest

a most easiest way one could tread

the talk turns one to turn defiant

a fury sets with an anger instead

that be the gain for all the earnestness

being the reward for the efforts put in.








This or That

This or that 

keeps me in fret.

That or this

makes me hiss.

Could it be that?

 cries my heart.

Could it be this?

move I like a fish.

A dilemma there be 

causes a worry  indeed.

This or that 

lets me down flat. this or that










Actions Experience feelings learning Lesson Life Poem reason


It was a fraction.

It was a simple fraction.

It had a solution.

It was an easy solution.

Lo! it evaded a resolution.

Is it because I lost reason?

subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Apprehensive Deliberations

What will be tomorrow?

Will it dawn ?

Will it set?

Will it work?

Will it bring cheer?

Will it  be disappointing?

Queries the pessimist.




The tone of not,

The sound of nay,

The inclination no,

The  wish not to,

The expectation must not,

Emanates from the hopeless.





The staggering thought,

The desperate review,

The desolate preview,

The uneasy calm.

The stifling throttle,

The sharp animosity,

Lends a suspicion.




The frozen silence,

The sickening hesitation,

The alarming sentiment,

The trembling fear,

The awkward disgust,

The dizzy nagging,

Renders a   pressure.





Living with such inkling,

Harbouring such  qualms,

Carrying such defaults

Navigating through such tides,

Negotiating such  tricky turns,

Demerits the meaning of life









The  assigned task  is done

The result is   still not known,

The fret undergone,

Preserves a  sluggish tone.


 Have emptied the whole energy,

 Have put the entire effort,

 Have slogged  to attain a synergy,

 So expect  a  full fledged  support



What  would be the  development.

How will it  be rendered?

Will it be a fulfillment?

Is it not  a perplexing perception?



Child is the father of man

I have to commit on a project.

This is my own  assignment

When I first conceived the idea , it  had a tremendous potential.

Now,  a month later,it is  slightly  off the mark.

To do or not to do-the famous Hameletian  philosophy  is haunting me.

My sons, were amused to see me in such a dilemma.

One of them said,  Ma, look  at Ratan Tata.

He has acquired Corus, a giant size steel manufacturing company.

Corus is much bigger than TIsco.

Your  acquisition is much smaller than the ongoing one.

Why hesitate? carry on.

He is an equity and corporate correspondent.

The other one said, Mom, if your financial are intact, why bother?

Volatility is prevalent, but it is not going to affect you so badly.

He  oversees corporate lending in a Bank.

The youngest is a dare devil.

Mother , he commands, nothing is going to stop you.

Jump , seize the opportunity ,you will win.

He is an ad man-creative head of  an ad agency

To all their propositions, my husband benignly smiles

He concludes with the adage “child is the father of man “,in your case father of a woman.