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Apprehensive Deliberations

Apprehension kills the spirit.

What will be tomorrow?

Will it dawn ?

Will it set?

Will it work?

Will it bring cheer?

Will it  be disappointing?

Queries the pessimist.




The tone of not,

The sound of nay,

The inclination no,

The  wish not to,

The expectation must not,

Emanates from the hopeless.





The staggering thought,

The desperate review,

The desolate preview,

The uneasy calm.

The stifling throttle,

The sharp animosity,

Lends a suspicion.




The frozen silence,

The sickening hesitation,

The alarming sentiment,

The trembling fear,

The awkward disgust,

The dizzy nagging,

Renders a   pressure.





Living with such inkling,

Harbouring such  qualms,

Carrying such defaults

Navigating through such tides,

Negotiating such  tricky turns,

Demerits the meaning of life






By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

2 replies on “Apprehensive Deliberations”

I have not come across this particular song. All my poems are reflections of my own experiences. I may sound personal in most of the poems . This ,small canvas in which I hold my sway, offers me solace and comfort.I am more at home here than anywhere else. Thank you once again for your sustained support. meenas17

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