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Awe Inspiring

Feel awed to look at the eternity

it Purity_Ring_-_Another_Eternity be vast encompasses an infinity

amazing at times an image of greatness

fearful at times a picture of  gruesomeness.


The eternity stares at me with a blink

I wriggle with fright and shrink

apprehensive of its  magnificence

impossible to overcome  being a deference.


I hide behind the canvas being one of makeshift

it enters through the breach found as rifts

I am caught unaware in the midst of a turbulence

am found in  a terrible slot  have no influence.


The eternity holds the sway in full grip

no way to escape and move on without a tip

I slip and treble in two’s and three’s

I am shelved and placed in a freeze.


The days together keep me in a precipitation

hasten  to hold myself intact with a disposition

being one of a means to appreciate and applaud

the imperious presence  of  eternity all the more loud.









Lying on a soft bed

with a softer pillow

she was dreaming

something of red

with a halo

came across jumping

she lay still  for long

did not move  in fear

she  wanted to catch

the one danced along

she wished to tear

intended to scratch

the thing eluded her grasp

as it moved in hop and stop

the redness intensified

she held her hands in a clasp

she fell down in a flop

she was mystified

being one of a dream

she woke up with a steam

looked around with a beam

ending the nightmare.mystified








A Mild Fear.

A mild fear is now in the mind

it could terribly bind

sit there with  thoughts in an intercept

all my ideas appear to be in  debt

a twinge crosses in a flash

will I survive the dash?

a poignant intrusion settles me down

I keep staring with a frown

could that I fear turn not so

if it returns it would be a blow

I decide to take the plunge straight

hope it works out in the direction right

if not I would fall shattered

as of now I am in a state battered

well, let us see the vantage the day next

the day things would be put to a test.mild fear

A Marxian Economy.

Living with fear always

could deter your growth in ways

would some one break open, you ponder

would anyone jump through the fence? you wonder

puts you in a quandary all the more.

It is a peace that one wants

sleep and awake in peace, we cannot

be it   a sign of prosperity with reference

a pointer to good govenance

a way to enjoy life in real freedom

How many countries are safe?

could I say less than half?

no, can count them with the fingers

few  remain unfolded in a linger

be the plight of the world

Leads to the economics

could you c9780521793995all it dynamics

few are horribly rich

many are ruefully poor

the equation remains unbalanced.

This could be the reason

forces one to do treason

a fair proportion in riches

could answer these glitches

sensed by Karl  Marx long ago.

A Lovely Day

Every day is beautiful

with a morn wonderful

the sun peeps out

shines throughout

a day with almost bright

sunny and straight

another day mostly dull

cloudy in full

the days roll on

everything passes on

the good and the bad

the events happy and sad

take place in a succession

the progression and recession

happen with no interruption

a continuous session

that dots life with a cheer

and punctuates it with a fear

that be the day for everyone

most assuredly a lovely one.lovely day