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The Talk Of The Town

talk of the townThe talk of the town

an idiomatic phrase

comprises with a frown

the general public in phase

a phraseology that is relative

shields  the faces of those who talk

at times a little informative

most times a quack

yes, it helps the  lovers of gossip

to drop messages on the go

a sort of rumour  with tight lips.

apprehension idiom. Poetry

Butterflies In The Stomach

When I heard the idiom

butterflies in the stomach

I could not feel the tedium

the expression gets stuck

as I note butterflies  are beautiful

they fly all around with joy

suck the nectar full

could diagnose nothing coy

wonder why this idiom came into being

which spells  out fear and apprehension

butterflies are  lively beings

cause a lot of entertaining distractions

feel the tiny creatures are wrongly associated

with nervousness and uneasiness in a displeasebutterflies

well, this is my personal opinion not well designated

I could visualize you suppress a smile in a tease.