A Day Of Travel.

It is been a day of travel

road and air in all

hours together nonstop

a climb and a get down on top

an embark and a  disembark

all in a day’s arc

a trial happens all through

once in a month being a due

cannot avoid being a place of business

well, it has become a routine in a sense

need I to undertake to keep my pot boil

have to put an extra  efforts of toil

that being the turn of events in the years recent

I ply  up and down to live in a way decent.


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eternity Poetry speed wind

Into Eternity

I fly up

soar do I

with a speed

not even sound

could overcome

I gather strength

gain I momentum

up I go

piercing through

like a wind

gently pass

rather merge

into eternity.

hurt ignorance. Poetry

The Best Disguise.

The best disguise
is one of stealthy guise
with so many tries
I ended up as a fly.

Why did I choose a fly?
I wanted to lie
wished to be sly
so choose a fly.

A fly is here
it would be there
could be anywhere
as well as everywhere.

It is easy to be like that
I thought so in fact
how hard it turns in stat
is an experience in flat.

I became a fly for a moment
sat in a place as if in a torment
flies do not sit in a place permanent
unfortunately, I sat there adamant.

Knowing, not my disguise for a second
a child walked over me in a trend
ouch, I cried in pain with a bend
I got hurt beyond a mend.

That is the end of my disguise so soon
for not a child I would have been doomed
conceal does not come easily to me as I thought
came to know later it could be bought.

apprehension idiom. Poetry

Butterflies In The Stomach

When I heard the idiom

butterflies in the stomach

I could not feel the tedium

the expression gets stuck

as I note butterflies  are beautiful

they fly all around with joy

suck the nectar full

could diagnose nothing coy

wonder why this idiom came into being

which spells  out fear and apprehension

butterflies are  lively beings

cause a lot of entertaining distractions

feel the tiny creatures are wrongly associated

with nervousness and uneasiness in a displeasebutterflies

well, this is my personal opinion not well designated

I could visualize you suppress a smile in a tease.

bodies falls float ocean Poetry

Flies And Floats -Haiku

The plane flies
falls into the deep ocean


A Fly Back.

A marathon it was

travel so tedious as all that

a night on the other end

a morning in the mid way

dusk finds you at the farthest side

a real twenty-four hours so quick

a full turn around the world

never could you believe

have to wind the watch

not once but thrice

saw the dark stillness twice

all in a day it happened

being a fly back back home.


The Only Way

My papers fly
towards the sky
could not stop them by
see them with sigh
Oh! my papers I cry
they are precious I vie
Lo! they have flown away
not able to retrieve them any way
those gone are gone anyway
seek to record again paper flyis the only way.


Socialism In The Skies

There be too much activity

that of flights coming up and down

people moving out very quick

while now airports seem to be crowded more

the bus stations look worn out

and the trains puffing into

seem to  wear out

with people on the jump for quick means

the planes flying over the air

facing no traffic   interruptions

going through no signals

no speed breakers and humps

but through the plain sky

fast and speedy in a stretch

piercing th white lazy clouds

flying at heights great

with none to patrol you

the hourly flights have gained momentum

with the fare being arranged with the season

also with the much time ahead booking

there goes a cheap to and fro flight charges

making everyone fly with a happiness

espying a great deal of socialism there

which the great socialists of our times

would never have thought or dreamt of .aerial view.





The Bird Do .Why Men Though?

Flying up  and down

flying from here to there

has been the habit of birds

they not being  in one place

not walking for a few seconds

taking off in few minutes

has been their way all through

thinking why the do?

Ispent a few good hours deliberating

finally came with a reference

they feeling insecure

fearing some harm would come to them

either by men or animals

they not stick to one position

as they trot and walk

then rise up followed by a downward move

expressing their apprehension

in a way as   not getting fixed to one status

they do fly on and off

Can the same be ascribed to people too ?6a00d8341cb34753ef014e607f5dd8970c-800wi

who not take a firm decision anytime

going back on their words

hitting the same post once again

Well, that might be plausible too.


The Win And After

There was a shout
be that of anything out
that be of nothing stout
but being of  a great win out.

The noise rose high
perhaps it went up the sky
hastening the birds to fly
win and after as they felt shy.

The sound was so deep
made everyone leap
they jumped very steep
tears coming out in a weep.

The crowd getting jittery
they started behaving  quirky
there  arose a tension jerky
creating a chaos and turning murky.

The win was a fabulous one
with an impressive run
where one could see a lot of fun
ending up with friendly shots from the  gun.