Socialism In The Skies

There be too much activity

that of flights coming up and down

people moving out very quick

while now airports seem to be crowded more

the bus stations look worn out

and the trains puffing into

seem to  wear out

with people on the jump for quick means

the planes flying over the air

facing no traffic   interruptions

going through no signals

no speed breakers and humps

but through the plain sky

fast and speedy in a stretch

piercing th white lazy clouds

flying at heights great

with none to patrol you

the hourly flights have gained momentum

with the fare being arranged with the season

also with the much time ahead booking

there goes a cheap to and fro flight charges

making everyone fly with a happiness

espying a great deal of socialism there

which the great socialists of our times

would never have thought or dreamt of .aerial view.




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A Search Though.

It was a search.

It was a thorough search,

leaving everyone in the lurch.


It was a raid.

It was a thorough raid,

exposing everything that was discreetly  laid.


It was an investigation.

It was a thorough investigation,

unravelling everything  from the closely conceived  distribution.


It was an exposition.

It was a thorough exposition,

laying bare the well conceited deviations.


It was  a fraudulent.

It was a thorough fraudulent,

directing to an unscrupulous  deceiving indulgence.


It taught a lesson.

It was a moral lesson.

delivering that integrity has a beautiful designation.