The Investigation

Going by the investigation

which is a  determination

as who is wrong  fully

and who is right  extensively

there being an apparent material

exposing the wrong-doer

yet the culprit gets clothed

by wearing a close-knit garb

camouflaging his misbehaviour

not by the act  of justification

but by extending money

thereby  he is extricated

while the righteous stands puzzled

these be the practice of investigation

concealing the hideous

and exposing the generous.

The means and methods do confuse

Well, to live in this world

one  needsimages to have a stoicism  all the more.


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A Search Though.

It was a search.

It was a thorough search,

leaving everyone in the lurch.


It was a raid.

It was a thorough raid,

exposing everything that was discreetly  laid.


It was an investigation.

It was a thorough investigation,

unravelling everything  from the closely conceived  distribution.


It was an exposition.

It was a thorough exposition,

laying bare the well conceited deviations.


It was  a fraudulent.

It was a thorough fraudulent,

directing to an unscrupulous  deceiving indulgence.


It taught a lesson.

It was a moral lesson.

delivering that integrity has a beautiful designation.