light Poetry sound. water wind

The Remote.

What keeps moving?

asks my little one

water, sound, light

the  wind with a flow

I tell him with a pride

he looks at me curiously

for a while

as I saunter up and down

smiling he points at me

it is you who keeps on moving

why call the remote?


eternity Poetry speed wind

Into Eternity

I fly up

soar do I

with a speed

not even sound

could overcome

I gather strength

gain I momentum

up I go

piercing through

like a wind

gently pass

rather merge

into eternity.

heart. Poem Rain storm wind

A Stand Still

It is windy  all through

the windows creak and shriek

followed by a standstand_still_by_queen_of_lonelessstill.

it is stormy all through

the doors crack and creak

followed by a standstill.

It is rainy  all through

the roof  break and leak

followed by a standstill.

It is race all through

the heart bursts and stops

followed  by  a standstill