cyclone disaster earthquake floods Poetry storm

The Whims Of Nature.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer (1)The cyclones and storms

the earthquakes and jolts

the rains and floods

experienced one after another

be it in South Carolina

be it in Afghanistan

felt in the  Philippines

all too soon and sudden

has left the world in  a shock

terrible to the flock

who have lost their houses

been left homeless and in desolation

the furious disasters have destroyed

the land is in ruins and rubbles

an aftermath of  a great tragedy

hard to set right with a mutilated  hand

the whims of Nature being  hard to predict.

heart. Poem Rain storm wind

A Stand Still

It is windy  all through

the windows creak and shriek

followed by a standstand_still_by_queen_of_lonelessstill.

it is stormy all through

the doors crack and creak

followed by a standstill.

It is rainy  all through

the roof  break and leak

followed by a standstill.

It is race all through

the heart bursts and stops

followed  by  a standstill


kill massacre Poetry seven storm stroke

The Annihilation

I sit in an enclosed room
rather a securely closed house
secure in a sense different
closed in a way equally challenging
Yet I feel insecure
apprehensive rather
scared in a way
frightened in a tone
a stroke here
a beat there
a slam with a force
a slap and a blow
with the blood in my hands
I stand aghast
I stand there at the behest
I stand in a test
it could be for the best
Look, I like a terrorist
Look, I like the one
who killed the guard at Ottawa
who stormed into a cafe at Sydney
who brutally massacred the innocent in Peshawar
Well, in a way, yes
it was seven at one stroke
a striker with a prowess
fearful do I seem
not to prolong anymore
I annihilated seven mosquitoes
altogether in a powerful strike.terrorist