desert fresh Poetry quality water

Flower Of The Desert.

With water   I bloom

without water I blossom

I remain green whatsoever

always fresh however

could be my strength in a way

be my weakness in ways

I go untended all the time

yet I keep myself  in prime

could be my quality good

could be  my quality bad

I am a paradox  all the more

I have been so from yore

who am I? you would have guessed

I am a flower of the desert with a bless.flower of the desert

light Poetry sound. water wind

The Remote.

What keeps moving?

asks my little one

water, sound, light

the  wind with a flow

I tell him with a pride

he looks at me curiously

for a while

as I saunter up and down

smiling he points at me

it is you who keeps on moving

why call the remote?