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Drift Of Life.

I know not where I am

into the clouds I go

fly and sail

into the water, I float

swim and dive

into the eternity

I find myself

drifting slowly

nothing can stop

none can object.




Awe Inspiring

Feel awed to look at the eternity

it Purity_Ring_-_Another_Eternity be vast encompasses an infinity

amazing at times an image of greatness

fearful at times a picture of  gruesomeness.


The eternity stares at me with a blink

I wriggle with fright and shrink

apprehensive of its  magnificence

impossible to overcome  being a deference.


I hide behind the canvas being one of makeshift

it enters through the breach found as rifts

I am caught unaware in the midst of a turbulence

am found in  a terrible slot  have no influence.


The eternity holds the sway in full grip

no way to escape and move on without a tip

I slip and treble in two’s and three’s

I am shelved and placed in a freeze.


The days together keep me in a precipitation

hasten  to hold myself intact with a disposition

being one of a means to appreciate and applaud

the imperious presence  of  eternity all the more loud.