ashamed condemn Poetry

A Man Not To Say

He is a man

the most unwanted

he is still a man

the most despised

yet he is a man

the most characterless

he is a not a mere man

the most undesirable

he is a the most condemned man

one who breaks every law

he is the roguish  man

the most disastrous

he shows himself  up as a man

everywhere unashamed man with no face

condemn Poetry publish pursue. response

I Write With Fear.

I write with a fear

a fear that  builds  up

as I get near

near to publishing

I publish with the same fear

a fear that keeps nagging

Once published I fear

a fear that makes me not sleep

Well, the response  causes a fear

a fear that I should not be condemned

So many fears surround me

while I start to write

not enough still to restrict

me from writing till.write without fear.