Poetry thoughts

Worth a million

“I do not have time “.quoth he

” I have to squeeze through”  he adds

” I have to rush through everything” he  fills up


I watch him with an amazement

running through all in a scuttle

no time to stand and admire.


Time flies in a speed for him

it moves moderately for me

he a millionaire all the way.


Never do you feel I am a pauper

I am richer than him by millions

I have time  to stand and stare.


Stand and stare I at the rose

their petals unfold in flows

they shine with a glow.


Hear and listen I to the musical charm

the songs open up with a warmth

they resonate with  no qualms.


Read and write I with a passion

look with pride  at my creation

one day they would be a sensation.


I am worth a million more

count all my credits being four

see, hear, write and enjoy to the core.












I write with all my skill

got nothing till

be in the way of money

not even in a tiny

received nothing in fame

is it not a shame?


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I Ask Myself.

Why do I write?

I do not know

What do I write?

I do not know.

yet I write

what I know.

Yet I write

why I do not know.63578899903399802660013324_Thinking-2

overtures Poetry simple.

To Write.

I know not what to write

but want to write

what should I write

I start to write

my hand is ready to write

my mind is blank in sight

well, I have to anyhow write

so I start the write

mine is always a simple write

has no  bombastic overtures in the write

a simple write

a gentle write

well, I have written

I have compiled a write.writing-pen

Poetry spontaneously

My Write

I like to write
not with a bite
with a humour slight
a moral light
nothing more in bright
words come out straight
not get stuck with a fight
jumps out spontaneously
falls on the paper seamlessly
comprises to make a song instantly
I forget the poem immediately
go to write another one instantaneously
a way that has come up naturally
I write with no schedule
well, that in a conclude
is my life of late.Meenas17s weblog


He Also Writes.

A letter forwarded
came as a surprise
long back, I have read
a similar one of a type
the art of writing I know
calls for simplicity in a flow
where words are like flowers
soft and delicate in a course
this letter I read
had high strung words
not one was beautiful
all were rugged and incomprehensible
know not the writer would himself know
for a stupid is referred as a nincompoop
writes he, the descendants are in existence
none so far has departed, a redundancy
he writes like this from times long ago
thinks he is the best writer in terms
never would I vouch for him in terms.magniloquent

pleasure. Poetry

On Writing.

The likes Ion writing. see
the comments I find
the blogs I read
the images I see
make me revel
how many ways to write
how much to write
how well to write
I sit with an amazement
I stare with an astonishment
well, writing is a fun
it could also render a run.


Not made A Penny

Not made a penny
why not? you may ask
How to? I do not know
as I am not a writer of merit
I had not got any credit
write for what? you may ask
I would say it is a passion.
Passion will not help, you say
really it helps me
How? you may ask.
Yes, I say with a feel
I pour out my emotions
will it lend a sustenance?
you barrage me with queries
I repeat “I have not made a penny.”
you walk away with anger
believe me or not, I cry
I have not made a penny.
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Poetry soul

A Soul Into The Blue.

The passion for writing
is like a kite
above and up it flies
never does it shies
my enthusiasm rises
it multiplies in thrice
then mounts up in four folds
the thirst I could not hold
I write like a mad
pen poems of sad
poetise joy
talk with coy
know not my structure
nor my grammar
either the syntax
without an index
that is me through and through
a soul into the blue

Poetry tabulations.

We Do In Tremendous

Nice to read.

Nice to write.

Nice to play.

Nice to eat.

Nice to cry.

Nice to laugh.

Nice to walk.

Nice to sleep.

Am I being frivolous?

Well, that is what we do in tremendous

might be a difference

some do them  more

some do them less

depends on the individual

that be the way to live

with other ablutions

and most other tabulations.ablution-large