The Task

The remains of anything

the reminiscent of anything

the retrospection  of anything

the regurgitation of anything

the resurgence of anything

the renovation of anything

the rehabilitation of anything

the rejuvenation of anything

could be a task  not simple

modification not  easy

a hard one being laborious

being done in a manner religious

a discipline in a purview

needs a skill and a mind

as broad as a canvas

willing to hold any views

an expression of boldness

great and tall in a call.





Characterization – A skill

The characters we find around

being real people in the surround

the  insights into them in detail

brings out their plus and minus in trail

the one over the other jumps  now and then

the good shows up in not more than tens

the bad  throttles through the way

a rhetorical expressionism in the sway

as always the great keep their silence

the bad creates a din with an irreverence

portrayal of the great needs not more than a skill

that of the villains demands the best of the skill

being bad requires a lot of tact and knack

a manipulation and a scheme all through  in stock

the good stay on as always angelic and demur

unperturbed by antagonism and rumour

so goes the characterization  with a focus

it would not be able to consider anything porous.








Craft it is all the way

with meanings in many ways

the work of art in the place prime

skillful and lovely  of times

lives beyond the means

small or big  has been

a value with great spaces.



The other part of craft as found

could be one of behaviour all round

the scheming  and the manipulation

as expressed in terms of association

insists a crafty way to deal

would enforce a knack in a steal

a dexterity not seen in all  cases.



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I write with all my skill

got nothing till

be in the way of money

not even in a tiny

received nothing in fame

is it not a shame?


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A Straight Game.

it is a straight game
that too in a name
where a woman has acquired fame
who is in nature very tame
but has knowledge great
that too in a rate
proportionate to a hate
which men nurture against her fully
envious of her wisdom entirely
do not wish to see her succeed mostly
as they feel they are superior
and the woman are inferior
a thought in the mind’s anterior
though not shown in the (69)


The Balance

The balance of life
being a juxtaposition
of good and bad
of positive and negative
gets across all through.

The balance in others
be it in financial
where the expense should
match the revenue
leaving a reminder.

The weights come into concern
that being measured in a balance
with the pans standing in level
the right side going in par with the left
a lively designation.

There enters love
with no partiality in the way
the affection being extended
not to one in special
but to all equally.

There be a balance of natural occurrence
the rains in manageable terms
an excess leads to flood
and a deficit results in drought
the elements like heat and cold
being in limits not overwhelmed.

The balancing act is like rope walking
a slight step this way or that
devolves into a fall terrible
down you go into the hollow
know not the depth
a crash unpredictable.balance


Restoring The Old

Reviving a bet
recycling the old
renovating the building
redoing on the whole
brings an expense much more.

Creating is the best form of doing
aping is the easiest mode of execution
restoring being difficult performance
requires a skill and proficiency overwhelming
undoubtedly to get the original back in shape.

Being so, restoration needs care utmost
minute details have to be looked into intensely
emphasizing a keen insight and research foremost
that takes the procedure to a scrutiny sober
releasing a structural pattern of great value.

Mostly none undertake this assignment
as it demands patience and deft handling
involving a time more than needed that went in to restorationthe original
accompanied by the fear of not spoiling the element
that of restoring the nuances in the old.


There I See A Write

The prolific writing

evolves out of a thinking mind

that is ever on the move

thinking not less

thinking not  shallow

thinking fathomless

with a clear mind

none the less

the writing talks about

great and small

with an intensity

direct and focused

that renders a write-up

lovely and exalted

standing out of the rest

jumping out of the box

sitting pretty on the inside

there being a fantasy

that ranges far and near

overwhelming the borders

overshadowing the fringes

with an adornment

delicate and exclusive

not seen with a flash

but through the glass

with an imagery soft and colourful

pen writingcheering up the spirit

enlightening the mind

there I see a writing of class

both qualitative and quantitative








I Do Not Play

The child is into dancing now 

she is also learning music with love

She knows to swim and skate

and does them swiftly in a spate

she does  mathematics

and is good at histrionics

reads story books  at bed time

solves scrambles   in no time

does all things   with great spirit

beams her mother with pride

turning affably to her daughter by her side

who  in a soft voice sadly says

I do not




Magic Elsewhere

Magic is exciting

with a show and skill

keeping us glued

making us thrilled

while we watch gaping

all through the show tantalised.


Now magic spills all over

round every corner

with the governance

including the business

transforming the failures

greatly into success  obvious.


Magic lies in the swiftness

where the speed blindfolds

but how do other  scripts

get into this delectable fold

with a strike and force.


Keep wondering about

when media tells  in a flout

that giant conglomerates

turn overnight in a bang

with  a magical touch .


Doing some adjustments

enforcing the  amendments

paving way for  rise in  revenue

with a hype says the new  executive

All done in a month, leaving one awe-struck magic