The Rugged Path

climbingExpecting nothing out of life
that which received came in the course
that being lost which works out great
went without coming to me at all.

As the rivers flow through with ripples
life pass through without much events
there being no furore or flutter great
going by the tide being the way.

Has had many misgivings in life
settled back with contours of grievance
had to overcome them in the go
otherwise would have been sealed by their ridges.

Perceiving a steep mountain unnerved me
the height and loftiness made me lose hope
awed by its massiveness I stood below
amazed by its beauty I became enchanted.

That being the essence of life in a verse
the mountainous passage having a meandering path
negotiating and walking high up with strain
a pursuit difficult but not impossible

Pursuing the clamber with a will and focus
forgetting that directionless climb would lead astray
slowly and steadily have made the way
being an achievement calling for an award.


Small Adjustments -A Christmas Message.

The small  and small adjustments
go to make big and big images (37)achievements
whether it be in life
or might be in strife
a little give and take
just for peace sake
give us a life full of harmony
which is the best money
one would win over
leading to a life blissful
and to a  grace delightful


Magic Elsewhere

Magic is exciting

with a show and skill

keeping us glued

making us thrilled

while we watch gaping

all through the show tantalised.


Now magic spills all over

round every corner

with the governance

including the business

transforming the failures

greatly into success  obvious.


Magic lies in the swiftness

where the speed blindfolds

but how do other  scripts

get into this delectable fold

with a strike and force.


Keep wondering about

when media tells  in a flout

that giant conglomerates

turn overnight in a bang

with  a magical touch .


Doing some adjustments

enforcing the  amendments

paving way for  rise in  revenue

with a hype says the new  executive

All done in a month, leaving one awe-struck magic


Great And Greater.

Great  be the thought

Greater should be the deal.

Great be the desire

Greater should be the feel.

Great be the attitude.

Greater should be the outlook.

Great be the  execution

Greater should be the motivation.

With the great  and greater taking over

greatest should  be the achievement.great nd greater


A Great Achievement.

The possibilities of getting over being high
with the thought of seeing through
analysing the work out and the work not
kept him in tight spot for a duration
Peculiar it seemed on the apparent
far-sighted it appeared from the internal
difficult it got along in the external
with all the pull backs on the anvil
he burnt his time and energy all the way
with the desire to cross over without any hurdles
deliberating on the issues that go in opposition
tackling the posts that contradict each other
issuing notices to all who agitated against settlement
he dismantled the impossibilities to a fraught
with the achievement on sight near
he relaxed back with tidings cheer.possibilities

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Ending Up

As duties get over,

so responsibilities fall over.

so events fall over.

We walk over,

with a fulfillment all over.


As freedom sets in,

 peace enters  in.

As  it is an achievement all the way,

pride finds its way.

We go ahead

with a tranquillity instead.


The rotation completes in a swing,

leaving a lively brim.

The cycle closes with a high note,

listing an admirable dote.

We end up almost

with an enlightenment  at the most.















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Running Away.

Running out of everything is no excuse.

It is a cowardly attempt in the infuse.

It is a defeat wholly likened to an abuse.

Nevertheless it is a defaming accuse.


Trials might force an inevitable exit.

Deeds might induce an indelible debit.

Compulsions would drive us to death albeit.

Convictions would retrieve us from extremes in tacit.


Well, that would be a case to  take into account,

A case to do research with diligence in the count.

Getting away from the practicalities is a sure discount.

Analysing the deficits with care is a solution paramount.


The anxiety to run away is pervading all so.

It would be a temporary reprieve all the more.

Overcoming the tribulations is a task in the fore.

Emerging triumphant is an achievement that soars.

Economy subscriptions thoughts

It may be Tom ,Dick or Harry.

The passing frenzy got a cut off,

As it  focused  on a spin-off,

The twist to the turn was  stealthy,

It tried to depreciate the  wealthy,

As they dodged the authority ,

With power and audacity,

Dictating terms and  means  discreetly

Promising a handsome  hand out in the  transaction neatly,

Caught  in between the   forceps of control,

The officials succumb to the submissive role,

Playing the art of corruption impeccably,

In anticipation of the fortune assured enormously,

The quick money flows spontaneously,

The unaccounted money gushes out irresistibly,

The gigantic  rich became monstrously  richer,

Accumulating treasures in the form of gold and silver,

Diamonds and Platinum take the foremost run, 

Mercedes and BMW’s  add to the fun,

Islands and resorts  work up the billions,

Cruises and planes  amount to the trillions,

Mansions and retreats call for much more,

Philanthropy   claims   a torrential  down pour,

Educational institutions and hospitals   get their share ,

 As they cross the mind of the  Forbes top man’s dare ,

The imperious disburse their  surplus to the needy,

As though they  are parting with their hard-earned   money,

Which ,in fact, is the collection of wrong accounting,

Which , in truth , is the  securing of  details  recounting,

Which , in all seriousness, is  none other than robbing, 

The average  man, the poor man, the lay man of his throbbing,

Abducting the majority as a personal achievement,

Disbursing the miniscule as a  charitable endowment.

Let me assure you it may be anyone of us,

 It might be  Tom of  Wiltshire  Pathway ,

It could be Dick of  Macrohard,

It could also be Harry of Resilience.


Mother Of Three Boys

Article first published as Mother of Three Boys on Blogcritics.


Mothering is a thrilling experience and a challenging adventure. Raising children is a responsibility that requires lot of attention and acute care.

Meenu got married at the age of 19, while she was in the final year of school. She was academically brilliant and was a top performer in other activities too. She won the best orator award consecutively for three years. Marriage at that tender age posed a little problem to her studies. In the course of her final year, she got pregnant. She took her new status in stride. She took her final examination at an advanced stage of pregnancy. A week afterwards, she delivered a beautiful boy. When the exam results were announced, she stood first in the university and was awarded a gold medal.

This little girl, just out of her teens, took her motherhood seriously. She  nourished the child, feeding him in correct intervals.  At the same time she pursued her post-graduate credentials and clinched honours with ease. She put her son in a play school .The boy was very mischievous and playful, but had sharp wit and keen observation skills. Meenu gave him personal coaching at home. She did not engage any tutors.

While she was engaged in bringing up her son, she became in the family way once again. Again she had a boy. Her caring this time was fine-tuned as she had gained experience and was five years older, 24 now. The second one was so quick in grasping numbers and words, that he mastered the skills of writing  and reading in no time. He was reluctant to go to school, and threw tantrums, but Meenu with firm authority sent him to Kindergarten .The child soon got accustomed to the new surroundings, as he understood that his crying  was brushed aside.

As she was busy with her two kids and business, she once again became a mother. The third boy was the most creative of the three. He was so attached to his mother that he always clung to her wherever she went. He hated school and wanted Meenu to be beside him always. Meenu had a tough time weaning him, making him drink milk from a cup .But she succeeded eventually by coaxing and cajoling him.

Each child requires different care and approaches.

The three boys have grown into adults. They are tall in stature, charming in looks, graceful in presentation, successful in their careers. The first one has attained a top position in the banking sector.The middle boy, who had a command of language and excelled in writing in his early years, has become a financial correspondent at Thomson Reuters. The most pampered of the lot, the third, is an art director.  So they have pursued dissimilar careers.

Looking back, Meenu sees the rugged path she has traversed. Standing aside, she feels the tremendous stress she experienced. Relaxing now, she smiles at her success.

Thus mothering three boys is no mean achievement. It is as stressful as running a business or a government. Never talk less about it.


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