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A Fulfillment

It career-action-fulfillment is a fulfillment

a task completed

will not say with perfection

with a satisfaction.

It is a contentment

tranquil and quiet

could not call it an exuberance

but a reference.

Life moves on though

with success intangible

while success and failure turn immaterial

sustenance undergoes a trial.

The start and the end  are ambiguous

the middle  is constrained  between both

evolves  a  strategical maturity

exposing  a  selective  ingenuity.


Never There Was.

Never there was a frontage

that would serve a s a binding

whether be it in  bondage

or be so in  the winding

less to be heard so much .


Never there was aI-was-there-for-you-never-forget-me divulge

that carry with it an involvement

whether be it in an indulge

or be so in the development

less to be heard so much.


Never there was a fulfillment

that land you in a state of bliss

whether be it an achievement

or be   let  out like  a fish

less to be heard so much.


Never did anything great come into

that bring you fame and fortune alike

whether it be of merit

or be it of disdain in the like

less to be heard so much.






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Ending Up

As duties get over,

so responsibilities fall over.

so events fall over.

We walk over,

with a fulfillment all over.


As freedom sets in,

 peace enters  in.

As  it is an achievement all the way,

pride finds its way.

We go ahead

with a tranquillity instead.


The rotation completes in a swing,

leaving a lively brim.

The cycle closes with a high note,

listing an admirable dote.

We end up almost

with an enlightenment  at the most.















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Write Till You Can

Write ,write, write till you can,

Think, think as much as you can,

Use words as well as you can,

Weave your feelings as beautiful as you can,

String the expressions as closely as you can,

Make your writing  rapturous in all grand,

Well, then end up saying in a fulfillment  strand,  

I have done as much as I can.




Share with all you can,