Never be it so.


Never there is peace
Ever there is tease.
Never there is a cease.
Ever there is a seize.

Not anymore silence around.
More of noise all around
Not anymore satisfaction around
More of greed all around,

Neither there is harmony in the day
Nor there is symphony in the play
Neither there is amity in the way
Nor there is diligence in the fray.

That be the mode of living
greatly defined by a killing
A disaster across the being
a destroy of the surrounding.


Never There Was.

Never there was a frontage

that would serve a s a binding

whether be it in  bondage

or be so in  the winding

less to be heard so much .


Never there was aI-was-there-for-you-never-forget-me divulge

that carry with it an involvement

whether be it in an indulge

or be so in the development

less to be heard so much.


Never there was a fulfillment

that land you in a state of bliss

whether be it an achievement

or be   let  out like  a fish

less to be heard so much.


Never did anything great come into

that bring you fame and fortune alike

whether it be of merit

or be it of disdain in the like

less to be heard so much.







Love At First Sight

Meeting her in the night
under the moonlight
he fell head over heels
no words to express his feel
he gazed at her with wide eyes
won over by her elegance nice
wanted to take her in his arms
as she had an ecstatic charm.
Her hair long and shining
fell freely over her back dangling
Her eyes were wide and full of cheer
emitting expressions of grace and fear
while her lips were rosy and had fine lines
her talk was soft and full of sensible binds.
Having seen never a girl like her
he became mad in love with her
These are all his descriptions of her
His portrayal would go on for ever and ever
never for another one he would go for sure.

beautiful girl

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A Deal

Eat vegetables calls the father.

Drink fruit juice  pleads the mother.

Take cereals for breakfast shouts the father.

Have a cup of milk compels the mother.

The six-year-old has a lot to bother.

She prefers chips and muffins altogether.

She looks beseechingly at her father.

She turns lovingly at her mother.

Her eyes express her desire rather.

Would she have her choice? a pointer.

Never would she we gather.