Pacify I Do.

I do pacify  at times

talk to the one first

the other another time

being peace all times.


It is not an easy one

the one gets upset

the other raises the tone

I bring peace at every zone.


I am blamed always

as having taken sides

I think of many ways

finally, make peace in every case.


It is not I wish to pacify

I am pushed to occupy

I take it as a challenge never fly

I resume peace at every buy.


That way I spend my free time

I have many in my hand

wish not for any talks all the time

anyhow, I ensure peace every time .












Poetry thoughts

Into The heaven

Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of freedom.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of peace.



Into the heaven

let my county awake soon

one of contentment.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of care.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of mercy.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of unity.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of grace.



Peace At Jeopardy.

The world peace is at jeopardy

man shoots not tardy

kills one here and two there

a host of people yonder

a hundred  almost here

east, west, south and north

bear the heat of the hearth

a state of art is killing

who is at the back of the billing?

a question to answer in earnest

who could be the target?

another one  faces us all cold.jeopardy



expelled. happiness mirth Poetry repelled

Peace On Earth

Peace on earth

as it is in dearth

has climbed the berth

no way to be found

nowhere in a bound

could not be traced in and around

could find only violence

has grown rather intense

hear only gunshots

see only blood shots

altogether they form dots

mirth is dispelled

happiness feels repelled

peace has been expelled.

dearth earth Poetry stretch wars

Peace On Earth

PeacePeace on earth

is in an absolute dearth

the wars in  a stretch.

peace Poetry slander terrorism.

Peace Attacked

I have lots to do today
not only today but every day.
Hope you have too
Is it one or two?
Tell me without a hide
Do not take me for a ride.
I am not able to hear you clear
Do not mumble, come out without fear.
Well, that be the weakness of all
a murmur and a grumble in call.
That be the design for all of us
Why do we go about with a fuss?Peace flies
With so much to be done every day
why do we talk all day?
Talk leads to gossip in a way.
It becomes a slander in all ways.
The foul words catch fire
seize the entire
terrorism is born unknowingly
peace gets away unseemingly.

Poetry prayer Street

Peace On The Street

Today morning I see a bright sun
shining gay and with fun.
Hope it goes through the day
as terrorism Lindt cafe could erupt in the way.
where it could be none can predict?

The apprehension gnaws through the vein
wants to ask is man really sane?
Why does he behave so atrocious?
it is a case of psychological excess
Why this happens none can predict?

With that in mind, a prayer comes across
let us not take any risk in a toss
let us unite together in all earnest
sink the religious adherence at best
Will this bring peace to the streets?


The Wish


The unrest in the world
goes without a word
the disturbance exists
unable to resist
the governance staggers
new spark triggers
battle starts in no time
airplanes fall in a trend
innocent die in hundreds
old and young in the trend
apprehensive to fly to places
the Atlantic poses a danger in space
a route round the Pacific
turns expensive and terrific
security is the look out
Well, there should be a way-out.
Peace on earth and goodwill
should enter into the bill.
It is the wish of all in intensity
should happen with a passion.


Never be it so.


Never there is peace
Ever there is tease.
Never there is a cease.
Ever there is a seize.

Not anymore silence around.
More of noise all around
Not anymore satisfaction around
More of greed all around,

Neither there is harmony in the day
Nor there is symphony in the play
Neither there is amity in the way
Nor there is diligence in the fray.

That be the mode of living
greatly defined by a killing
A disaster across the being
a destroy of the surrounding.


Ode To A Dove.

Up in the sky
I see a dove flying high
calm and sober in her try
She cruises up with no effort

She turns down all in a sudden
her white supple body is not a burden
she glides gracefully into the garden
straightens herself with a pose

She walks slowly down the aisle
makes no noise as she passes with a style
swerves her milky white body
perching herself on the tree

Her little ones nestle
close to her when she enters
she places them in a hole
as she wants to build a nest new.

The dove flies up and down
busy in her sojourn
She sets a perfect tone
as a mother in the fore

She embodies purity and love
a sign of peace is the dove
looks like an angel in the grove
moving about with poise 300_363511