Poetry thoughts

Benevolence As Seen

It is a blessing

could I say

it is mercy

could I call

it is a power

could I conclude

it is what

I do not know


it is beyond

it is behind

it is all over

being a presence

one of omnipotence

one of omniscience

one of benevolence.




Poetry thoughts

Into The heaven

Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of freedom.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of peace.



Into the heaven

let my county awake soon

one of contentment.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of care.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of mercy.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of unity.


Into the heaven

let my country awake soon

one of grace.



Her Reward

Great be her kindness
going in an outflow
that becomes overwhelming
with an act of mercy
that being one of great rendition
covering the whole extension
holding two tiny fingers
lifting them up with cheer
whose cheeks look dry
with the eyes expressing no life
and body with protruding bones
embracing him with love
she takes the child home
knowing noimages (36)t whose child he be
nurses him with all care
feed him and bathes him
with the days going by
he becomes a robust child
healthy and cheerful
Well, that be her reward
better than any recognition
national or international.

Economy Gold funds Monetary gains Money thoughts True turmoil

What Matters Most?

Living in a materialistic world,

Where money  has a fastening hold,

Where gold has an exasperating fold,

Love and relations wear away in cold,

Mercy  and compassion look  old,

Where jealousy  and greed  appear bold,

As monetary gains fabulously  enfold.


Different kinds of money reign  supreme,

Colors black and white take  the cream,

Black money  encourages  the dream,

It gets  concealed in  the beam

White money flows with  the stream,

It adds revenue to the tax scheme,

As financial profits accrue the steam.


Economy is controlled by the powerful,

Wealth is  circumscribed by the deceitful

World at large is  influenced by the tactful,

Prosperity is found  among the  handful,

Poverty oppresses the truthful,

As  money gleams  wonderful.













subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Earth In Dearth

Land,mountains and rivers comprise the earth,

Where people,animals and birds find their berth,

Man takes the upper  coveted  class by choice,

Constructing  houses like random toys,

Animals roam in the woods,

Surviving on whatever available food,

Birds  nestle in  the beautiful trees,

Eating the fruits and berries,

Each species  lead their own life,

Unmindful of  Mother Earth’s strife.


The  colony of the inhabitants  bears their  harsh governance

Revolving round its axis  undeterred by their  ruthless   irreverence.

It extends a progressive prosperous significance,

In the form of  formidable crops,  rich minerals, and other expensive  reference,

It keeps its children in best comfort and  noble ease,

By rendering a  cherished enjoyable appease,

Nurtures them with great affection and extreme  kindness,

Granting  the inhabitants with superior  benign  loveliness.



The occupants of earth treat her  rashly,

By building  oppressing concrete jungles  on her madly,

The dwellers crash her  heavenly splendour,

By teasing her potentiality with chemical wonder,

The inhabitants destroy her imperious posture,

By indulging in wicked  unbearable torture,

Of tilling and tilting. digging and deepening

Into the deep treasures  latently  lying,

In the ever fertile womb of   the earthly mother,

Who mercifully  expresses  a smiling  contentment altogether.