Becoming An Eye sore

The land opposite to my house was beautiful

 enlivened with trees and monkeys very gleeful

lighting the environment with greenery  all wonderful

 while the orangutans played  lively  cheerful

 a sight pleasant to gaze and watch all day  being resourceful 

 invigorating the mind and soul  together to  a full.tree-felling-Toowoomba


All of a sudden the trees were felled 

 along with them the monkeys disappeared

 seeing before a stretch of  ground  charred 

 brown and white sand all across instead 

 a glaring sight to see in  physical  read 

with the eyes being used to verdant indeed .


My neighbours   filed a petition

 with  the signatures of all the residents  in tension

 marched towards the town council in unison 

 opposing its move to grant permission

 with that being so forceful and realistic  in edition 

 the civic authorities withdrew their sanction

 and away went the lorry  and tractor shed in disposition.





God Made Them All

All things great and small
all things short and tall
all sounds loud and soft
all sounds high and loft
all scenes good and great
all scenes simple and moderate.
all thoughts ideal and idealistic
all thoughts straight and didactic
all beings pretty and beautiful
all beings ordinary and resourceful
are found in the world wonderful
and it is Lord God who all thingsmade them all.


Good, Great And Wonderful

Great be the heart that thinks great.
Great be the eyes that sees beauty
Great be the ears that hears truth
Great be the nose that smells pleasant odour.PH2Xsn9eo2ZN58_1_m
Great be the tongue that speaks meaningful
Great be the action that works wonders
Great be the teaching that teaches good.
Great be the desire that likes simple
Great be the feeling that feels sensible
Great be everything that is good, great and wonderful.

Economy Gold funds Monetary gains Money thoughts True turmoil

What Matters Most?

Living in a materialistic world,

Where money  has a fastening hold,

Where gold has an exasperating fold,

Love and relations wear away in cold,

Mercy  and compassion look  old,

Where jealousy  and greed  appear bold,

As monetary gains fabulously  enfold.


Different kinds of money reign  supreme,

Colors black and white take  the cream,

Black money  encourages  the dream,

It gets  concealed in  the beam

White money flows with  the stream,

It adds revenue to the tax scheme,

As financial profits accrue the steam.


Economy is controlled by the powerful,

Wealth is  circumscribed by the deceitful

World at large is  influenced by the tactful,

Prosperity is found  among the  handful,

Poverty oppresses the truthful,

As  money gleams  wonderful.