The Average Of All

The average of all

be it in a call

one of a revenue

computing  all avenues ‘

the expenses and income

where profit turns a welcome

work we then the average

keeping the entries in range.


Said of the revenue in the primary

followed by the weather not secondary

the temperatures of the days

along with the humidity in ways

contemplating on tomorrows

calculating the variations in course

arrive at a reliable  average

keeping the variations in range.


More so of the medical parameters

the average’s role is one of a nominator

the higher the value be could be a disaster

being low also directs a deflector

so the results should be accurate  in terms

a deviation would pronounce alarming  forms

inferring a pathological  average

keeps the variations in range.


The way the average works on with  attention

could be a clipped module for the  assumption

never could it be taken as the only revelation

as each one has a varied intimations

the individual comes as a concentrate

a blind follow would discriminate

the good and the bad  with a strategic follow

that is how average has to be considered in an allow.





At All And In All

He scoffs at all

as if he is above  all

scorns too  at all

as if he is above all

rude he is to all

as if he is above all

crude he is in all

as if he  is above all

looks with contempt at all

as if he is above all

not so he is in all

he is far below of all

be it in status in all

he is far below of all

be it in learning  in all

he is far below of all

be it in appearance in all

he is far below of all

be it in the manners in all

he is far below of all

it be a complex in all

showing superiority  in all

beg inferior to all

a feign be  it in all




God Lord Poetry Won

God Who Made Us All

Well done! very well done!

you have won

said all one by one

sat there she amazed

curiously  she  gazed

remained there unfazed

she got up straight

stood there bright

said she in a tone right

it is “God who made usGod made Us All all”.

Not I, nor you, could give a call

if not for Him in all.


Joie De Vivre

The joy of living
has been with all
it was not a casting
but a real costing
having been exerting
having been spending
having been straining
having been extracting
taking efforts to bring joy
while joy lies within you
within your heart
nowhere to seek
but without a penny
could bring happiness
all around you by
extending cordiality
soliciting friendship
endearing a grace
showing a poise
while a smile sweet
would bring a lot of treat
and a multitude of greets
as joy is in you.joie de vivre


God Made Them All

All things great and small
all things short and tall
all sounds loud and soft
all sounds high and loft
all scenes good and great
all scenes simple and moderate.
all thoughts ideal and idealistic
all thoughts straight and didactic
all beings pretty and beautiful
all beings ordinary and resourceful
are found in the world wonderful
and it is Lord God who all thingsmade them all.


Words — Haiku

Words in all
make up the big world
revolving like ball.

Words in full
turn things into unexpected terms
knocking everything dull.

Words withinimages (81) words
give the inference a twist
piercing like sword.

Word by word
let out thoughts in part
initiating a nod.


All Through.

Having got no praise all through
having to cope with life all through
with reprimands and criticisms all through
with admonitions and displeasure all through
whatever I do all through
whatever efforts I put all through
goes vain all through
getting me nowhere all through
sailing in the same ocean all through
waiting for freedom all through
not got it all through
will surely reach it all though
with again falls and falters all reprimandsthat remains.

Actions Poem

All Day long.

love sleep.Like to sleep all day long.

Eating nothing, drinking nothing
just lying down all day long.

Talking nothing thinking nothing
just closing the eyes all day long.

Going nowhere, getting nowhere
just relaxing all day long.

Meeting none, mingling with none
just down flat on bed all day long.

Would it take place? Would it happen?
just sleeping all day long.

Actions Compassion Dispassionate Evolution Interpretation thoughts Wish

Best To Be So.

Little did Lina knew about it.

Little did she talked about it.

Little did she care about it.

Yet, she was thrust into it.


The much she knew about it.

The much she talked about it.

The much she cared about it.

She was let out of it.


So much to know about it.

So less to talk about it.

So much to care about it.

Lina was more or less away from it.


As much to think about it.

As less to speak about it.

As much to attend to it.

Lina  absolutely  ejected it.


That much thought about was a trash.

That much  talked about was a bash.

That much cared about was a gas.

She discreetly committed a thrash.


Well, it was a cock and bull story.

Well, it was a series of tales hoary.

Well,l it was a compiling of events unholy.

 Well, Lina relinquished herself  totally .


It might sound vague to all.

It might read incoherent to all.

Better it be an enigma to all.

It is best to be so to all.