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Forgetful I Am

Of late I am succumbing to forgetfulness
thinking of something while doing another thing
has become a way of my life nowadays
that keeps me off the memory track now and then.
Once looked upon for strong memory
while my friends dubbed it as very cruel
now I am at the mercy of my memory
trying to recollect with lot of pains
but if I pass anyone who smiles at me
I proceed with a big grin and bigger nod
If some other comes near and talks
i am at a loss as my grin gives out very quickly.
I make up the whole thing pretending to know them
and talk generally about weather and place
thus escaping from the incorrigible forgetfulness
that has seized me in the recent days.FORGETFULNESS-1jpg

Words — Haiku

Words in all
make up the big world
revolving like ball.

Words in full
turn things into unexpected terms
knocking everything dull.

Words withinimages (81) words
give the inference a twist
piercing like sword.

Word by word
let out thoughts in part
initiating a nod.

Kindness is grace.

kindnessA smiling nod is a pleasant recognition.
A loving word is a significant appreciation.
A noble thought is a pensive extension.
A supporting act is a remarkable application.
Going out with all these is a relevant attribution.
These should come out effortlessly on all occasions.
These are not practised but are spontaneous distributions.
Spurting out like a natural phenomenon spurning afflictions
Without any formalities to hold on to them is a rigorous configuration.
The nod rightfully calls for a friendly admiration.
The word strongly insists on a personal communications.
The thought staunchly instills a deserving contribution.
While the act succinctly incorporates a valid construction.
The realm of kindness is vast and contains grace in all its perpetuation.