The Medallion

A medallion  could be

a decoration to see

honours who wears

a design to care

could be for bravery

also for  the integrity

might refer to discipline

an excellence of shine

military credentials in strength

academic   brilliance in depth

peace efforts a culmination

scientific research in improvisation

anyone who acquires medallion

feels not insecure

could hold hid head high

would not hide  in shy

a reward  very precious

an  award covetous

all try  hard towards

a fortunate few  go forward

the reach of the medallion is extensive

the pride it gives is intensive.


Needle in The Haystack

An idiom that has gained popularity
with the ongoing search in its intensity
where to find the disappeared material
how to find in such a large compass in trial.

The hay stack being huge and piled up
hiding a needle so thin and small in a prop
finding it out by the one who concealed it
would prove to be a strain albeit.

The idiom craves for a rightful recognition
as one that goes well with its connotation
Supporting it to be a rightful assumption
proposing a conferment of relevance without any presumption.

The sharp indication and the resultant information
that nothing would come out of any investigation
that not be focused and pointed straight at the target
would be a round about way exercising a forget.

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Kindness is grace.

kindnessA smiling nod is a pleasant recognition.
A loving word is a significant appreciation.
A noble thought is a pensive extension.
A supporting act is a remarkable application.
Going out with all these is a relevant attribution.
These should come out effortlessly on all occasions.
These are not practised but are spontaneous distributions.
Spurting out like a natural phenomenon spurning afflictions
Without any formalities to hold on to them is a rigorous configuration.
The nod rightfully calls for a friendly admiration.
The word strongly insists on a personal communications.
The thought staunchly instills a deserving contribution.
While the act succinctly incorporates a valid construction.
The realm of kindness is vast and contains grace in all its perpetuation.

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It Is so Nowadays.

Courtesy is a rarity nowadays.

It is non-existent nowadays.

Children walk away nowadays.

Teachers cross them nowadays.

There is no greet or wish nowadays.

The boss alights  nowadays.

The staff go past him nowadays .

There is no salutation nowadays.

The seniors go unnoticed nowadays.

The juniors never look up at them nowadays.

There is no admission nowadays.

Conventions are held nowadays.

They are fully packed nowadays.

 But there is no recognition nowadays.

Familiarity is  a bane  nowadays.

It evolves  contempt nowadays.

Strangers lose their way nowadays.

They are shunned by most nowadays.

Entertainment has become gaudy nowadays

It is no longer a pleasure nowadays.

It has become a provocation nowadays.

Clients are not important nowadays.

 But their money is  essential nowadays.

Professionals lack  etiquette nowadays.

Ethics are not found nowadays.

Greed prevails over all nowadays.

Derision takes the forefront nowadays.

Discourtesy  is seen everywhere nowadays.