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Folded Hands

Folded hands  is a sign of greeting

could be  a symbol of prayer

both take us by a fleet

the greeting with a folded hands cute smile  is a tweet

the prayer with a piety  is bliss

give us a peace of mind in no ordinary terms

enough to sustain for the day, nay for a term

if practised in a routine with a kindness

could extend a tranquillity  in a fullness.

It Is so Nowadays.

Courtesy is a rarity nowadays.

It is non-existent nowadays.

Children walk away nowadays.

Teachers cross them nowadays.

There is no greet or wish nowadays.

The boss alights  nowadays.

The staff go past him nowadays .

There is no salutation nowadays.

The seniors go unnoticed nowadays.

The juniors never look up at them nowadays.

There is no admission nowadays.

Conventions are held nowadays.

They are fully packed nowadays.

 But there is no recognition nowadays.

Familiarity is  a bane  nowadays.

It evolves  contempt nowadays.

Strangers lose their way nowadays.

They are shunned by most nowadays.

Entertainment has become gaudy nowadays

It is no longer a pleasure nowadays.

It has become a provocation nowadays.

Clients are not important nowadays.

 But their money is  essential nowadays.

Professionals lack  etiquette nowadays.

Ethics are not found nowadays.

Greed prevails over all nowadays.

Derision takes the forefront nowadays.

Discourtesy  is seen everywhere nowadays.