Poetry Poetry preempt.

Life is Beyond.

There prevails a  contempt.

There lies a scorn.

There exists a distraughtness

There are so many  apprehensions

The life goes on without expectations

moves on with a lengthiness

difficulty whatever   has to be borne

as  the life is beyond a pre-empt.distraught


That Is What Is Found

Into the world of serfdom

I awake.

Into the world of delirium

I rise.

Into the world of hatred

I see.

Into the world of audacity

I go through.

Into the world of scorn

I am put in.

Into the world  of contempt

I am pushed through.600x350.fitandcrop

Into the world of envy

I live through

That be the world I perceive

That is the world  I  look around

That would be  not be sound

But that is what is found.


It is Peanuts

Calling it peanuts
gives a tone of jeer
It is nuts
also reflects the sneer.
Why this attribution ?
Makes me wonder
feeling it is not a distribution
that keeps them asunder.
It is then why I reflect
nothing gets deflected
As I go on thinking this
I get too many denials in the list.
To keep my mind off
I have to resort to a break
in the form of a sleep off
maintained in the track. peanuts

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It Is so Nowadays.

Courtesy is a rarity nowadays.

It is non-existent nowadays.

Children walk away nowadays.

Teachers cross them nowadays.

There is no greet or wish nowadays.

The boss alights  nowadays.

The staff go past him nowadays .

There is no salutation nowadays.

The seniors go unnoticed nowadays.

The juniors never look up at them nowadays.

There is no admission nowadays.

Conventions are held nowadays.

They are fully packed nowadays.

 But there is no recognition nowadays.

Familiarity is  a bane  nowadays.

It evolves  contempt nowadays.

Strangers lose their way nowadays.

They are shunned by most nowadays.

Entertainment has become gaudy nowadays

It is no longer a pleasure nowadays.

It has become a provocation nowadays.

Clients are not important nowadays.

 But their money is  essential nowadays.

Professionals lack  etiquette nowadays.

Ethics are not found nowadays.

Greed prevails over all nowadays.

Derision takes the forefront nowadays.

Discourtesy  is seen everywhere nowadays.

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Just A Stone.

It is just a  huge stone,

It is only a  shapeless stone,

It looks expressionless and prosaic,

It has a  long story behind it.

It has a history unknown to many.


The faceless stone has been for centuries,

It has seen generations of men,

It has heard them talk incessantly,

It has noticed them pass uninterruptedly,

It has  recorded confidential matters  silently.


The stone had been lying there for ages,

It had not been cared for by one and all,

Disregarding it as lifeless stone,

Incidents took place around it.

 Yet, it lies there unperturbed from time immemorial.


You could  easily set aside it as a stone.

Addressing it as a pig-headed bone,

Laughing at it with disdain and contempt,

But do remember if it is turned upside,

It has a whole lot  to relate that would put you to misery.