Poetry Poetry preempt.

Life is Beyond.

There prevails a  contempt.

There lies a scorn.

There exists a distraughtness

There are so many  apprehensions

The life goes on without expectations

moves on with a lengthiness

difficulty whatever   has to be borne

as  the life is beyond a pre-empt.distraught


A Disoriented Man

rhythm-timing-and-intuition-300x225The disturbed man
disturbs all
with his feverish mind
and with his rash actions.

He shouts and cries
slams and slaps
dashes and bashes
overturns and overthrows.

It is hard to settle him
hard to make him realise
difficult to reconcile
and bring him back to normal.

At times we feel compassionate
most times we disdain him
for his distraughtness
an unpleasantness surrounds

Actions Depression Experience lonely Poem thoughts

Loneliness is a Fear.

lonelyLike a mad man he dashed out.
In the grip of fear he shouted.
Terrified his heart almost jumped out.
He was shattered without a let out.
His loneliness gobbled him out.
Friends or foe had he in the clout?
He could have shared with his friends throughout.
He would have fought with his foes without a doubt.
Lo! he stood alone from the crowd like a silhouette.
With eyes wide open he blinked like a distraught.
With sensibility perfect he appeared like a laggard
With stature perfect but he looked like an upstart.
Keeping away had made him a desolate grumpy haggard