Miss. David –My Teacher.

It is a retrospection

back to the days of my childhood

remember Miss. David

a burly woman with powerful glasses

screwed up my ears when I misspelt

caned me if I went wrong in the tenses

gave a kuttu in my head

if I added wrongly

held me close to her bosom

If I recited my multiplication tables correctly

It was a rigour more of  in a kind

was also fun in a way

learning under supervision

not an ordinary one

one with punishment immediate

had a bonafide result




The Days in Trend.

A day for all things
be it for lovers
for mothers ,for teachers
for fathers, for all souls
for all saints ,for all I know not
has been the latest trend
that flows throw the bend
a card is invariably cardsent
with that the day is forgotten
a token of remembrance is what you say
to me it is an expense at bay
frolicking and thanksgiving should come
not from the lips but from the heart
a true way to remember in silence.


Write Do I?

Write said  my mother
when I was young
write do I did I  for my mother
with thoughts strung.

Write said my teacher
when I was in school
write did I for my teacher
with fear full.

Write said my Professor
when I was doing research
write did I for my Professor
with earnest search.

Write not now said my family
when I entered the wedlock
write not I for my family
with everything locked.

Write did I forget for my children
as I carried and raised them strong
write not I for my children
with a yearning long.

Write now bids my mind
as now I am free and released
write now for my mind
with a vigour unleashed.


Moon -The Master.

The moon haunts me

with its glory and shine

never it is less than fine

waning and waxing in nine

a fortnight it grows

a fortnight it fades

a cycle so expressive

a scale of economy

with growth and fall

seen mostly in recent calls

a yardstick for man while living

flourishing and thriving

crumbling and deteriorating

found all through the existence

a denote to the world in a sense

which sees great movements

punctuated by rise and calamities

all in a cycle and all  very natural in entities

as the new moon gradually in

ascends and becomes full  in course

and the full moon equally in browse

descends and turns  nil in source

a way of life in terms of resource

symbolising rise and fall  in a way

with an illustration of the day

once every month  in a pray

and twelve times every year in the say

Could we expect  in all the influential swayNew moonhalf moonfull  moon

a better master than Moon ?





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It Is so Nowadays.

Courtesy is a rarity nowadays.

It is non-existent nowadays.

Children walk away nowadays.

Teachers cross them nowadays.

There is no greet or wish nowadays.

The boss alights  nowadays.

The staff go past him nowadays .

There is no salutation nowadays.

The seniors go unnoticed nowadays.

The juniors never look up at them nowadays.

There is no admission nowadays.

Conventions are held nowadays.

They are fully packed nowadays.

 But there is no recognition nowadays.

Familiarity is  a bane  nowadays.

It evolves  contempt nowadays.

Strangers lose their way nowadays.

They are shunned by most nowadays.

Entertainment has become gaudy nowadays

It is no longer a pleasure nowadays.

It has become a provocation nowadays.

Clients are not important nowadays.

 But their money is  essential nowadays.

Professionals lack  etiquette nowadays.

Ethics are not found nowadays.

Greed prevails over all nowadays.

Derision takes the forefront nowadays.

Discourtesy  is seen everywhere nowadays.

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A Slit, A Stab, A Murder.

It is, a shock,a terrible shock.

It is ,a revelation,a shocking revelation,

It is, but a truth, a revealing truth,

It is hard to accept, truly hard.


Coming out of it was a nightmare, a terrific one 

It is a rude  strike, an unnerving one,

It is an unbelievable episode, a stifling one,

It is hard to accept, truly hard.


What is  it so alarming?

It is a murder, gruesome murder,

A teacher was stabbed by a her ward,

He is a fierce and young  boy of fourteen.


The teacher was alone in her class, all alone,

The boy dashed in like a storm,

Slit her throat and butchered her,

She fell down in a pool of blood screaming .


The  cause for such provocation is a warning,

The irregularity and inefficiency  of the  boy was  condemned,

It is but the duty of the teacher to do so,

The infuriating rashness has cost a precious life. 


The post of a teacher has become  a mockery,

Her family is now destined to suffer,

A momentous fury has brought death,

It is difficult,to comprehend, really difficult.