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The Two And A Half Year Old Boy.

A two and a half-year-old boy
calls every female aunty
his mother is a friendly one
her friends are known as aunties
his father being very quiet
has not many friends to talk
the male go without any term
they are a representative of all walks
the kid goes haywire if he sees strangers
interacts with them in a pleasant babble
mixes the language he knows in a range
catches everyone’s attention with his ramble
no doubt, he is a cynosure of all eyes
he is a darling even when he cries.two and a half year old boy

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My Little Boy

The little  boy I know

a ten-year-old in the go

 has a lot to  show

  talks with a flow

 be it any subject in toe

 he is never slow

 nor  behaves low

 speaks with a glow

  is as pure as snow

 honest to the core

has a lot of wisdom in store

 at times,he might sound a bore

that be a few moments in toll

 he is a child  of a noble call

 priced and gifted boy in all.


The Boy And The Man

The boy of long years

full of life and cheer

once very aggressive and bashful

has become now a man wonderful

solemn and gentle in tone

not because of his choice alone

turned so to adjust to his wife

who keeps him in strife

 behaves with a lot of indifference

pays scant or no reverencshrewe

belies herself in her attempts

treats all with a possible contempt

speaks loud and rude

her movements are crude

know the reason now for his change

a man I sympathise from a range


The Bundle Of Joy

The little boy being unruly
screaming with joy
seemingly a loving act
mumbling with discomfort
indicating a sign of uneasiness
going by his shrieks and cries
every actibundle of joyon of him be a play
delighting all around with cheer
being a mother of such a boy
always on toes with a vigour
making a move fast with a rigour
beyond any cope up and posing a stress
proves hard and bothersome
at times gets beyond control
she losing her sleep and rest
not careful in her schedules
falling down in exasperation
wishing someone could handle him
if being offered to take up
reluctant to share with others
feeling the little boy mischievous
being her own bundle of joy.


The Toddler.


Wanting to see  better
went up the ladder
saw a toddler
wheeled in a stroller
who was  looking all around with joy
playing with the toy
smiling along in coy
he being a boy.

The passers-by look at him
he being called kim
appearing very trim
apparently very slim
it being a light dim
the ambience was grim
yet his cheer was to the brim
making us look twice at him.



Maturity And Innocence.

Up in the front
holding his hand up
the boy always
bubbling with enthusiasm
comes with ‘I’
answering each and
every question rightfully
allowing none a chance.
The little boy reads
and writes a lot
with his spectacles
coming up and down
adjusting them
he watches the TV
with a special interest
in science and technology
Mischievous he is
as to his age
playing pranks and tricks
and making his little sister cry.
He is a blend of both
assumptions of maturity
and childhood innocence
perhaps in the brink bespectacled boy.of turning into the teens.

Actions Care Poem

The Boy And The Pup

boy pupA little pup was in the middle
with its half-open eyes stood still.
Cars rushing up and down
passed without knocking him down
Cyclists pedalling slow
did not stoop low.
Pedestrians walking along
did not bother about his belong.
The pup remained there till noon
A boy saw the stranded pup in the afternoon.
Without a thought ran to the pup
and carefully lifted him up
Holding him close to his bosom
went towards his home.
He gave him little milk
placed him on the mat silk.

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A Slit, A Stab, A Murder.

It is, a shock,a terrible shock.

It is ,a revelation,a shocking revelation,

It is, but a truth, a revealing truth,

It is hard to accept, truly hard.


Coming out of it was a nightmare, a terrific one 

It is a rude  strike, an unnerving one,

It is an unbelievable episode, a stifling one,

It is hard to accept, truly hard.


What is  it so alarming?

It is a murder, gruesome murder,

A teacher was stabbed by a her ward,

He is a fierce and young  boy of fourteen.


The teacher was alone in her class, all alone,

The boy dashed in like a storm,

Slit her throat and butchered her,

She fell down in a pool of blood screaming .


The  cause for such provocation is a warning,

The irregularity and inefficiency  of the  boy was  condemned,

It is but the duty of the teacher to do so,

The infuriating rashness has cost a precious life. 


The post of a teacher has become  a mockery,

Her family is now destined to suffer,

A momentous fury has brought death,

It is difficult,to comprehend, really difficult.