The Man Supersedes

Science and technology have reached heights
travelling has become easy and cheap
with people able to fly over
from arctic to antarctic
all in a day’s go.

Wrapping up all so easily by man
could he be the champion of every cause
having the medical world under control
the space ships within his limits
going by the brain in all angles.

He with pride innate and inbuilt
walks with a sense of triumph
there being nothing to outwit him
forgetting there be so many capacities
that he has to achieve still.

That being the case for him to believe
he supersedes the attributions that pin him
knowing not his acclaim be not real
humility taking the back seat
while humanity walks with head high .


The Insecurity

Keeping vigil all through life

with a thought of being deceived

the mind keeps on blowing

while the inner self straightens

not with boldness

but with  ultimate fear

something would happen

something is amiss

cautions the self

keeping not the mind at rest

but placing it in a position

difficult and  distraught

yet  life moves on

while the man becomes old

so his longings lose sheen

and soon he would die

with the fear in his mind

that insecurity passes on

with generations coming up

how much there would be an advance

either way say by

technology and science

the apprehension retains its place

as men die with an insecurity always



The Vibrations

The vibrations they say

being positive and negative in a way

found in each place as energy

juxtaposed by forces  in synergy

that are known and unknown

keep the world  without strain.


What are vibrations? I ask

finding the answer is a task

as none knows its full context

as it lies in a region of unbelievable text

keeping people like me to wonder.



Knowing not what are vibrations till date

I sit perplexed over the energies controlling the fate

knowing well that positive and negative be found in science

they being the reflection of reality in   compliance

keeping  the scientists truly on toes.


Nature being a great teacher as I understand

as almost all its features  that  are in the a band

get expressions in science and  technology

there being no better  parallel and analogy

keeping the world in an elevated state.images (89)









The Web -Based Philosophy.

The philosophy of life changes
with the people going ahead
in science and technology
adapting themselves to web-based life
as anything and any other thing
comes to them on the screen
browsing, searching, linking
all in minutes and seconds
very much different from the world
a decade back with posts and telegrams
taking their sweet time to get across.
With the innovations men like to align
with the fast tracking and dashing lifestyle
letting down the lethargic thoughts of deliberations
and discussions all long winding and tedious.
A new conceptual deliverance has come to live
with the tidings crucial and gorgeous.
web based


Maturity And Innocence.

Up in the front
holding his hand up
the boy always
bubbling with enthusiasm
comes with ‘I’
answering each and
every question rightfully
allowing none a chance.
The little boy reads
and writes a lot
with his spectacles
coming up and down
adjusting them
he watches the TV
with a special interest
in science and technology
Mischievous he is
as to his age
playing pranks and tricks
and making his little sister cry.
He is a blend of both
assumptions of maturity
and childhood innocence
perhaps in the brink bespectacled boy.of turning into the teens.


Variance.—— haiku.

The verticallyvertical-angles-in-real-lifelike poles opposite
never get well in life
but geometrically equal.

Like poles repel
unlike poles attract is what
Science teaches us

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Mastery Of Science.

Science is difficult to master.

None can become a master.

It exudes even the master.

It inducts a diligence in the  master.

It shuns a lethargy of the master.

It brings about a spark  to a master.

It flips up the image of a master.

It alleviates the status  of a master.

It attributes to the skill a master.

It compiles all inventions to master.

It dissects all experiments to master.

It is a theory hard to master.

It steers an adaptability easy to master.

Scientific discovery adds a glow to the master.

Scientific abuse bring ignominy to  the master.

It dubs  and acknowledges the great  master.

It stubs and condemns the fake master.

Mastery of science is  unlikely to master.








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A Claim ,A Fear, -Radiation

Energy or waves travel through a medium or space,

It travels in straight lines in all directions  not in a maze,

The ionizing and non ionizing energy cause a blaze,

Dumping  Nature and Man   into an unhealthy haze.




Fukushima Dailichi nuclear plant leaks  hotter

The energy waves pass through   tap water,

Forcing  the Japanese  to a totter,

As there poses a threat of disaster all over.



Well, the cry over Japanese reactor,

The  wail  and a sob causes a detractor

The earthquake remains  a  violent defector

Placing” The land of the rising sun ” into an incubator.


Yes, the Natural violence has distracted the world,

To a dilemma and panic all in a hold,

What about  the X-rays and mammograms  in  bold?

Which enable radiation to pass through organism  fold.



Let us  protest over radiation usage,

Give Diagnosis   a leverage,

Cure by physical observation to be arbitrage,

Restricting a colossal ruthless ravage.