The Cat and The Mouse.

The cat and the mouse game

I played with my friends

on the sprawling grounds of our school

unusually  strikes me fast.


Once I played the mouse

and a strong girl the cat

over and over I went  in circles

between the rows, beneath the chain

she came charging behind.


I lost my spirit, slowed down

knew that would be the end

oh! no, she hit on a stone

and broke her leg.

I came out free.


A game of energy and will

shows your strength and skill

over and above lies one more

being one of  luck all so vital

determines the victory and defeat.





The solar Energy

The rays of the sun keep falling
with a shine and bind
that enhances the growth
pushing a photosynthetic activity
a great way to expand
and a great means to exhibit
the sun being the giver of light
also contributes to the life
with the sunlight there be benefits
innumerable difficult to enumerate
that be of supplements of vitamins
adds to the rejuvenation
there also be a fund of other outcomes
that go in to make the sun the largest provider
let that be so in the run  mostly I assure
now there comes another product from the sun
the solar energy that would bring marvel
as the dependence on man-made supplies getting defunct


The Vibrations

The vibrations they say

being positive and negative in a way

found in each place as energy

juxtaposed by forces  in synergy

that are known and unknown

keep the world  without strain.


What are vibrations? I ask

finding the answer is a task

as none knows its full context

as it lies in a region of unbelievable text

keeping people like me to wonder.



Knowing not what are vibrations till date

I sit perplexed over the energies controlling the fate

knowing well that positive and negative be found in science

they being the reflection of reality in   compliance

keeping  the scientists truly on toes.


Nature being a great teacher as I understand

as almost all its features  that  are in the a band

get expressions in science and  technology

there being no better  parallel and analogy

keeping the world in an elevated state.images (89)









The Orange Juice.

The juice of an orange

keeps us in a range

allowing our system to arrange

extending a lovely change

the complexion enhancing  in stages

the thoughts enriching in  pages

the memory doubled in no time

the body kept fine at  all times

refreshing and rebounding  in no time

be the magical effect of the orange juice at all juice.






Burning The Midnight Oil

Burning the midnight oil
a famous idiom of toil
gets now altered with electricity
that is found not in cities
but in every available soil
while it is becoming a boil
ever costlier in alacrity
turning to alternative coils
that of solar and wind in gritty
while the solar is gaining loyalty
the wind has proved its credence
but none could beat the powerful semblance
released primarily by electrical power
with much ease facilitating a cover
great and wide encompassing the area
with full supply alternatedoil lamp with appropriate idea
The world is in the look out for resources
cheap and perineal almost falling on solar source
which is found in abundance but has to be streamlined
so as to enable a distribution uniform not out of line


A Routine Unlikely.

There being a strain of running here and there
driving up in the morn
coming down in the evening
with a light lunch in between
walking through the whole area
while the sun is shining bright
right over the head letting out a scorch
engaging in picking up loose fruits
then counting the bigger ones
overseeing that they be loaded without any miss
going behind the lorry to the weigh bridge
getting the fruits weighed properly
returning to follow the same routine.64746809_83f7ca751c
Well, this has been happening for the past few years
sapping the energy and draining the health
leaving me a faint fatigued being
I am now a ghost of what I had been earlier
looking tired and sun burnt with lifeless eyes


The Untapped Source.

The energy of any kind
works wonders great and strong
The power of man in substance
gets an impetus in abundance
from energy hidden and explicit
vitalizing it to a source of fortitude
raising it to unfathomable heights
superior signalling of deliverance.
A strength unparallel to attain
is the energy of the sun
which synchronizes into a potential
that could be stored for long
and used to illuminate and drive
best utilised as an alternate
to electrical power r proven expensive.
Energy needs a stamina inimitable
and a channel proper renewable
to get materialised and worked
into a force incredible and unbelievable.
This solar energy flows into the ozone
untapped prolonging as a wasteful resource. solar energy