The Cat and The Mouse.

The cat and the mouse game

I played with my friends

on the sprawling grounds of our school

unusually  strikes me fast.


Once I played the mouse

and a strong girl the cat

over and over I went  in circles

between the rows, beneath the chain

she came charging behind.


I lost my spirit, slowed down

knew that would be the end

oh! no, she hit on a stone

and broke her leg.

I came out free.


A game of energy and will

shows your strength and skill

over and above lies one more

being one of  luck all so vital

determines the victory and defeat.





A Game And A Catch

Istrategic planningt is a straight game

nothing in a hide

though he is tame

he takes sides

he plays beautifully

a slip and a fall

could be pretentiously

that be he in a call

a disguise and a pretext

he does so immaculately

none else could be of interest

as he goes on his own discreetly

plans and schemes well ahead

targets  with an accuracy

his aim penetrates through

strikes the chord pinpoint

traps the prey without a clue

that be his procedure  in the joint.



gamble. Poetry ruffle shuffle

The Game Of Cards

The game of cardsgame of cards

shuffle and ruffle

the same numbers gong together

the numbers in order getting closer

spade, hearts, diamond and clover

gain  an impetus with the joker

the games go on for hours together

betting and challenging with dollars

a game that turns into stakes higher

seriousness sets in as the players gather

the value increases manifold becomes dearer

it is a fortune for the winner

a terrible loss to the loser

all these never prompts a halt

as the gamble progresses to glory.


Game of Life.

It is a game
a life game
a sport not for fun
has meanings in ton
a give away in the course
keeps up the tempo in force
a take along in terms
renders a renewal in form
that be the game of life
where passion is the strife
there be no winners in all
also oo losers in fall
it is a win-game of life win situation
if the partners act without friction
this is to be found
not in younger days bound
has to continue till the end
without encountering any bend
that be the path to success
a gaiety in the process.


A Great Game in a Lovely Course.

With the house facing the golf course
I have a nice time watching the play with nil force
The ball being pushed forth into the hole
and the golfer walking all through the whole
with the picker boy behind with a golf kit sole
The morning begins with the golf court getting ready
and the golfers come one by one in a steady
smart and sleek with the penchant for walking
as golf needs a lot of walk and lot of aim.
A game of no noise with little audience in place
it went on in a quiet stride and in slow space.
except for a few applause and comments.
The golf course opposite is one of the beautiful
located the precincts of the Gymkhana club Coonoor.
The house little high up the golf course lovely
served as a vantage point to view the matches daily
With a cup of crispy potato wafers sat on the porch
overseeing the matches in progress till lunch
It was a pastime,a fun and a learning
all in one put together in a mix
as it was great to see them play with skill
wellington-gymkhana-club happy to view the game from above
and it also gave an impressive teach on precision
as golf is a play of to the point and to the hole

Actions Poem

Arithmetical Game.

The time was short and terse
The task was great and hard
The ratio being inverse.
needed attention not slip shodratio.

Not only attention in terms straight
but required undue proficiency
The ratio being direct.
one balancing the other in efficiency.

Life is a calculation
of add ups and deficits
The prowess to solution
lies in our hands still. explicit.

Applying the principle
of arithmetic in proportion
the task of fulfilling the valuables
becomes an easy disposition.

Actions Poem thoughts

Hide And Seek.

hide and seekIt is a game they call
It is hide and seek.
it is a child’s play
with one hiding
and one finding.
How many places
they find to hide?
How many ways
they seek to find?
Spots which else
not known to many
get to be discovered
with a strain unfelt.
Hide and seek
goes in a form
lively and gay..
keeping the children
in a happy sway.
The game covers
the adults too
with an altered vision
where innocence gets away
comes in the impulsiveness
in a stealthy stream.
Concealing the presence
for reasons of corruption
is in vogue nowadays.
The cops engage in a seek
driving it hard in places
unknown and unheard of.
Hiding behind a veil
to keep away from shame
has taken a turn at present
while the ignominy strikes through
the ashamed gets out
getting behind someone .
A game of the young
has become a game of
the adults too
not for joy and love of it
but out of necessity and disgrace.