Straight I Go.

Straight I go.
Turn not left or right
Focused I am.


Straight as of

Straight as a ruler

she stands

all erect and stiff

not only in appearance

she is the same

in her character

straightforward in talk

bold in expression

fine in terms

charming in countenance

a straight lady

erect and tall.



A Game And A Catch

Istrategic planningt is a straight game

nothing in a hide

though he is tame

he takes sides

he plays beautifully

a slip and a fall

could be pretentiously

that be he in a call

a disguise and a pretext

he does so immaculately

none else could be of interest

as he goes on his own discreetly

plans and schemes well ahead

targets  with an accuracy

his aim penetrates through

strikes the chord pinpoint

traps the prey without a clue

that be his procedure  in the joint.



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Straight ———-Honourable

It is a straight

takes you right

it is a straight

makes you bright

it is a straight

lessens your fright

it is a straight

extends a light

it is a straight

lends you a height

it is a straight

extends a foresight

well, being straight

gives you a lot more right.

It is a line straight

displays a discipline right

It is a road straight

reduces the hassles right.

It is a figure straight

adds to the personality of a person right.

It is a move straight

shows you the way to progress right.

It is a thought straight

enlivens your inner self right.

It  is words straight

go in to talk about your integrity right.

Well, it is always straight

exalts you with honour right.



A straight play
be it verbal or action
has a sway great
as nothing goes behind.

Straight is always there
the deviation tempts
it is a distraction attractive
that brings fortune tremendous.

Straight is almost a strain
the short cut fascinates
it is a nearer choice
leads to a the roads to success.

Straight is not close
but stands for permanence
it is hard to overcome
takes to a place of exquisite charm.

Straight we go
the more the delay
the destination seemsstraight far
but the safety is there.

That be the greatness of straight
lengthy it might look
strenuous it might appear
the result would be pleasing and refreshing.


The Bright Sun

The sun shining bright

going up Sunlight straight

forcing the eyes to close tight

otherwise one might lose the sight.




A Road Over There— Allegory

There runs a road

straight it goes unfathomable

long it seems  not discernablimages (22)

where does it go?  unquestionable

no one knows  being impossible.

Actions Poem

One Man’s Meat.

Talking straight is a trait.
Liked by a very few.
Not palatable to many .

A guy standing out of the crowd
speaks nothing but the truth
in no terms to bargain.

He is an odd man out speak-truth
in this world of adjournments
where there is lot of adjustments.

He talks little with sharp wit
Speaks out only when called for
never aligning himself to a faux pas

That being so he lives on
in a place of his own happy
living in great harmony

Our man with a tongue
speaking ideals earns not more
as praise or money.

He is not praised
None eulogise him
Yet he lives honourably.,

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A Straight Road Ahead— An Allegory

straight roadA straight road is ahead.
There seems no turns in the stead.
It is a long stretch ahead
Yes, go straight to the stead.

The way takes you straight.
Exposing nothing in the trait.
It is nothing but straight.
Everything else reflects the trait.

It is monotonous travel right.
Going steady without a flight.
Believe it is a certainty right.
Moving forward without a fight.

Surely, you would reach the destination late.
Nothing to press an acceleration in the slate.
Struggling you achieve the nominations very late.
It is a gradual but slow realization on the slate.

Realizing you get straight to your end.
Crossing the sea of life without a bend.
That is how you have to live up to the end.
Straight in stature without a single bend.

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Straight Go All

Straight goes the line.

Straight goes the road.

Straight grows the plant.

Straight grows the crop.

Straight stands the man.

Straight stands the animal.

Straight goes the majority.

Straight goes not all .

It is straight everywhere.

What goes not straight?.

It is mind.