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The Crow On A Cow

The crow sat on a cow happily
as the white animal walked lazily
the bird black cawed feverishly
the cow sauntered with no aim
the crow went with it all the same
the one silent and flabby
the other noisy and skinny
a contrast visible all through
the black and white being of colour
the small and big of appearance
with an addition of other qualities
the soft alternated with loud
the nobility juxtaposed with treachery
the likely opposed to the unlikely
the enamoured compared with the endangered
both travelling together in a style
that of being one upon another in a move
Well, that be life in all aspects
might sound good or bad in all respects. Cow_and_crow_in_Siliguri

Poetry travel

Travel Less known

I see a sheep

timid and tired

with it a goat

foolish and blurred

led by a herdsman

fragile and frightened

cross through the land

bumpy and rugged

the weather is cold

snowy with a blizzard

all three walk ahead

stuttering and scared

all in a way the sheep cries

the goat chuckles and mutters

the man whistles and guffaws

the group goes past

the hill in great spirit

sheep and goat.being a travel less known.

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A Slice Of The Day

Late in the evening there was a mad rush.
The movement was so heavy it caused a crush.
The travellers were making a lot of fuss.
running helter skelter in distracted hush.

Clambered into the right train at last train

The train puffed and puffed as it moved out of the station
A pleasant breeze gushed through the window’s crosssection.
Sleep knocked down the eyes to a complete inert disposition.
The head nodded vigorously to the train’s speed like a doll in an exhibition.

An hour later the train reached the destination.
The commuters with their baggage got out of the station.
They made their way to their homes in utter exhaustion.
This was every day happening for them without any relaxation.


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A Straight Road Ahead— An Allegory

straight roadA straight road is ahead.
There seems no turns in the stead.
It is a long stretch ahead
Yes, go straight to the stead.

The way takes you straight.
Exposing nothing in the trait.
It is nothing but straight.
Everything else reflects the trait.

It is monotonous travel right.
Going steady without a flight.
Believe it is a certainty right.
Moving forward without a fight.

Surely, you would reach the destination late.
Nothing to press an acceleration in the slate.
Struggling you achieve the nominations very late.
It is a gradual but slow realization on the slate.

Realizing you get straight to your end.
Crossing the sea of life without a bend.
That is how you have to live up to the end.
Straight in stature without a single bend.

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A Gift

A gift bought with care,

unmindful of fare,

was a piece very rare,

bearing lot of credentials to share.

proposing many features in pair.


It was brought across the shore,

was priceless even more.

The special feeling it bore,

was the core,

enhancing the significance by a score.


Reaching the destination finally,

it was unpacked carefully,

Lo! it was damaged slightly.

the tear was visible obviously.

The precious  gift lost its value immediately.








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Pack Your Bags

It is packing up once again.

It is a periodical  schedule all again.

A month here and a month there all again.

puts one to no profitable gain.


A long drive down the road,

in the Express Highway broad,

 is pleasurable for not too often trod,

exhaustively  tiring for a monthly slot.


Up in the air for half a day,

right from the morning ray,

sitting  with a fastened belt all day,

pushes one to the edge of the bay.


Formalities  at the port of departure,

leaves one in  discomfiture,

Similar rituals at the arrival is a feature,

creating agony and  exertion in a single capture.


The up and down movement is throbbing.

What for the mind starts probing?

Might be to clinch a fortune is the lobbying.

Alas! it is a meaningless expedition almost a robbing.