Allowing Water To flow.

Fully diluted the drink  becomes  insipid

though it is warm and tepid

the taste is not so loving

as it would have been filling

if let go concentrated.



Diluting anything for a purpose

have to serve many in a suppose

turns the drink absolutely tasteless

giving a  feeling of discard  not less

if that  goes for a crowd.


Be that for a drink on the whole

there to raises a policy  in the roll

that has to  be implemented as such

dissecting it and diluting it  as much

if that has to suit the stance.


As found in policies in general

there we go to the issues in final

where decisions are to be resolute

allowing waters to flow  and dilute

if that has to work not so well.


The salvation lies in reaching the core

never attach to the fore

when the solution has to be tangible

give no room to anything  in a ramble CT  CT met-apple-jiuce-P1-1202 MJW

if the resolution has to find light.





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A Gift

A gift bought with care,

unmindful of fare,

was a piece very rare,

bearing lot of credentials to share.

proposing many features in pair.


It was brought across the shore,

was priceless even more.

The special feeling it bore,

was the core,

enhancing the significance by a score.


Reaching the destination finally,

it was unpacked carefully,

Lo! it was damaged slightly.

the tear was visible obviously.

The precious  gift lost its value immediately.








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Strange it is.

There was a squeak at  the door.

It was a bird  at the door.

It pecked on  the door.

 It was a rap. rapping  on the door.

The noise, then slowed down to the core.

It looked strange more and more.

The bird stopped tapping at the door.

It moved away from the door.

It then rose up in a soar.

It flew high up in the fore.

It looked familiar more and more.