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More And Most———- Simply Grand

eb1cfbf58f5315f711498b58962c8709“More” and “Most”

come foremost

the much-used words

one being the comparative

the other the superlative

“more I like you

the more you hate me”

shows the proportion of like and hate

an equation of algebra

beautifully illustrated

“More”  quantifies

I want some more

could be of food, drink

chocolates pointing to the ordinary

jewels, money, and wealth

indicating not so ordinary

with greed underneath

requiems a sense of want

some  more and some more

could be heard   from all quarters.

“Most”  shows saturation

has so many prefixes

utmost and almost

add to the charm of the word

with “most” enters the level of fulfillment

sufficiency is the essence

giving the best at all times

looking extremely beautiful

sumptuous and delicious

grand and grandeur

all go behind “most”

the negative connotations

could be described

with a vehemence

with an emphasis

using the word ‘most”

these two words are common

greatly deployed in almost every way

by the old and young

even by the illiterates

familiar words  very easy going

always  pronounced  with an accent.


The Greedy Duo

Nothing great is to happen.
Nothing much is going to transpire
Nothing more is seen to transcribe.
Nothing else is left to translate
Nothing to be transformed
as everything has been robbed
Everything has been stolen.
Everything has been taken away.
Leaving nothing in reality
and also nothing beinggreedy duo left in books.
Even after they contest and confront
wanting to take away the piece of cloth left.

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A Gift

A gift bought with care,

unmindful of fare,

was a piece very rare,

bearing lot of credentials to share.

proposing many features in pair.


It was brought across the shore,

was priceless even more.

The special feeling it bore,

was the core,

enhancing the significance by a score.


Reaching the destination finally,

it was unpacked carefully,

Lo! it was damaged slightly.

the tear was visible obviously.

The precious  gift lost its value immediately.