On The Shore

On the sea shore

there are more

pebbles small and big

excessive they are in a dig

in many shapes as well

hexagon and square in  tell

tiny conches and shells

found there in a dwell

I, like a child eagerly

 gathered them steadily

threw them into the water

flowed they back in a splatter

engaged in a play for a while

so it continued in great style

the  game brought  memories  of past

which have been rightly cast

at the rear end of the mind.

Now, I see it as a great find.

A wisdom I attained after years

a way to live in  good cheer

is to rememberpebbles the good  more

forget the rest as it is a bore.

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A Gift

A gift bought with care,

unmindful of fare,

was a piece very rare,

bearing lot of credentials to share.

proposing many features in pair.


It was brought across the shore,

was priceless even more.

The special feeling it bore,

was the core,

enhancing the significance by a score.


Reaching the destination finally,

it was unpacked carefully,

Lo! it was damaged slightly.

the tear was visible obviously.

The precious  gift lost its value immediately.








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Looking For A Shore – Gold

Ships in a turbulent sea get tossed,

 As the storm blows fiercely,

Making the vessel  tumble  in a fold,

Panic and commotion rake it violently,

Cries and screams add to the uneasy cold.



Soon as a wink it drifts to the shore,

Tides and waves push it to a place,

The sandy stretch is seen in the fore,

It appears like a lovely  ornated lace,

A sign of relief replaces the apprehensive roar,

As the ship embarks on a safe shore.




Shore is a safe haven,

To a distressed sailor,

Gold is a security proven,

To a fleeced  investor,

Security is a  blissful heaven,

Foolish risk  is  a chronic detractor.