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The Animated Fervour.

Folding the hands he prays to God.
Kneeling down he bows to God.
Chanting mantras he invokes God.
and gradually merges with God

He goes round the shrine.
He goes on till he completes nine.
He prostrates before God in line.
and slowly diffusesDandavats into the environ fine.

This has been his routine for years.
Praying, he feels, dispels fear.
He thinks God has come near.
and ecstatically revels in cheer.

Is this piety steadfast and real?
A question that demands a trial.
It would be so when things are ideal.
It would be not so in the face of an ordeal.

The presumptions are track proven.
Fortunes take him to haven.
Distress makes him a raven.
Peace be with you. Amen!

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Rub A Dub Dub.

Rub a dub dub,

Three things in a tub,

And what  do you think that may be?

Gold glistening  with glare,

Silver shining with   flare,

Stocks gleaming in  stare,

How did they get there?

They propose a safe haven,

They infuse an investing spirit,

They track a revenue remarkable,

Be careful,

Never throw them out-of-doors,


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Looking For A Shore – Gold

Ships in a turbulent sea get tossed,

 As the storm blows fiercely,

Making the vessel  tumble  in a fold,

Panic and commotion rake it violently,

Cries and screams add to the uneasy cold.



Soon as a wink it drifts to the shore,

Tides and waves push it to a place,

The sandy stretch is seen in the fore,

It appears like a lovely  ornated lace,

A sign of relief replaces the apprehensive roar,

As the ship embarks on a safe shore.




Shore is a safe haven,

To a distressed sailor,

Gold is a security proven,

To a fleeced  investor,

Security is a  blissful heaven,

Foolish risk  is  a chronic detractor.