Poetry thoughts wait

The Wait Unsure

It cannot be termed new

these are  there for  years few

it is not a bolt from the blue

it comes and goes like the dew

a few months here I knew

other days away I knew

this alibi is there for in lieu

of my original which flew

I  have every cause to rue

think of the comforts  I enjoyed now overdue

recently going through an ordeal true

a bit of the sample taken as  a waitcue

makes me awry and robs my hue

I hover  for what I am not sure

perhaps a wait for the pass unsure.

Actions concept piety Poem

The Animated Fervour.

Folding the hands he prays to God.
Kneeling down he bows to God.
Chanting mantras he invokes God.
and gradually merges with God

He goes round the shrine.
He goes on till he completes nine.
He prostrates before God in line.
and slowly diffusesDandavats into the environ fine.

This has been his routine for years.
Praying, he feels, dispels fear.
He thinks God has come near.
and ecstatically revels in cheer.

Is this piety steadfast and real?
A question that demands a trial.
It would be so when things are ideal.
It would be not so in the face of an ordeal.

The presumptions are track proven.
Fortunes take him to haven.
Distress makes him a raven.
Peace be with you. Amen!