The Raven And The Scarecrow.

The speech above self
has subdued.
The feeling he is above all
has died.

A tame figure rises
much against the original
being Mona who decries
and slanders.

He is a raven
sheared off its feathers
bald and shrivelled
not pleasing anyway.

He hides behind
his brother Sega
another disgruntled fellow
who is like a scarecrow.

The raven and scarecrow
as they are seen around
walk hand in hand
wherever they go.

They have lost their say, they think
for that matter, they never had one
a pair of empty-headed brothers
irrationality being their valour

Having fallen into evil ways
they parade without the gusto
they are a worn out pair unhappy
who had lived largely eating out
their brother  share.

Actions concept piety Poem

The Animated Fervour.

Folding the hands he prays to God.
Kneeling down he bows to God.
Chanting mantras he invokes God.
and gradually merges with God

He goes round the shrine.
He goes on till he completes nine.
He prostrates before God in line.
and slowly diffusesDandavats into the environ fine.

This has been his routine for years.
Praying, he feels, dispels fear.
He thinks God has come near.
and ecstatically revels in cheer.

Is this piety steadfast and real?
A question that demands a trial.
It would be so when things are ideal.
It would be not so in the face of an ordeal.

The presumptions are track proven.
Fortunes take him to haven.
Distress makes him a raven.
Peace be with you. Amen!