Opportunity Of Gold

The food having gone cold

the wife being bold

went out in the cold

the husband was not so bold

sat inside in fear of cold

usually men are bold

dare to venture in cold

it is different here as told

while the wife walked out  bold

cause the relation has turned cold

she could not bear and hold

as the man was indifferent and cold

she did not anyhow want to fold

so she slammed the door  quite bold

the husband   remained cold

did not apologize as told

the break was certain ,so told

uniting was out of question as told

was a loss to both  in the fold

they have lost an opportunity of gold.golden opportunity






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The Colours Play

A grocer has colours too
a greengrocer is one
so do the smiths
the blacksmith
and the goldsmith
goes on colours in names too
there are Whites, Blacks
and Greens, Violet
and Rose in a pictorial hue
no semblance to the people
no connection to their names
the colours go into the stream
seamless is their intervention
subtle is their connotation
lovely they are in istock_000002746120smallan apparent jurisdiction.


Old is Gold

A day or two ago

 met my friend of long ago 

old she has turned 

most of the calories burnt 

by age and illness in one show

found her out of flow 

staggers  a lot in her walk

 precise is she in her talk

 physically she has lost 

 mentally she is still fast 

hailed me by name all aloud 

brought back the events from cloud 

speaks out in a voice so clear 

tells me  I look like an old hag with cheer 

Knew not where to keep my face 

I pulled myself away with a long face 

not able to accept that I am also old 

she and I being the same age  in fold 

yet thought I am young not  gone grey 

as my black hair shines in the fray

with coloured dye minimal  and slight 

teeth all original and white 

no make up whatsoever in sight 

I deign myself in attire suitable 

wish to seem  like  one capable  

never did I think that I am old 

 with a smile now, I accept “Old is gold”



dying hair with henna indigo


Called “Vairam”

The hair has turned silver
the face reflects a golden hue
the lips display a coraltinge
while the cheeks are scarlet as ruby
the emerald tone overall
along with a sapphire feel
she in her platinum years
stands there as ebullient as rhodium
while all the precious takes the scroll
there be a charm of all in one
that be the lady at the stroll
baptized as “vairam” at home700-00781975
translated in English as diamond
has she all the precious in her control
a rich lady not in name alone
in character and looks too as detailed above.


The Hand That Has Gold

There has been a shift

a paradigm shift

where values were once held high

now wealth rises high

with the power seeking wealth

the hand which has the gold

sets the rule of the land in a crescendo


The golden rule as we may call

being imposed by people of tall

that be of not physical height

but relying on the money’s weight

they order and gather the points

regardless of their validity

growing in stature beyond anybody’s capture.


Those few who wish to remain aloof

rather not to like to be subdued

stand straight and righteous all the more

being eschewed from the stream and tide

by the anointed lobbyists  with a contempt

they being shelved to  a seclusion

denied of their pleasant and of their pleasure

being doomed to penury and to non recognition


The Ride Up The Hill

Walking across the road

took a turn and board

a bus going with full load

by the hills it rode

fast and gleefully in the cold

on  the way it showed

scenario of great  note

greenery on one  fold

on the other the hills rising bold

enraptured on a hold

the passengers as told

remained fascinated  and rolled

as the bus negotiated on bends  and roared bus ride

the experience  was one  of gold


Economic Bonhomie

The economy is building up
say all with the hep
How do they build the economy?
Is it any thing of the bonhomie.
Being a citizen of the world
where financials center around gold
which is marked by a rise and fall
knowing not from where it takes the call
it has a dictatorial sway over
with others taking the cover
be it commodities and stocks
if happen to move should unlock
the big one that hangs over gold
which stretcheseconomy others to a freeze and cold
precipitating the inflation to an extent
where people have to shy away with less intent
restricting their buy to a bare necessity
if that be there with an ingenuity
then the economy would shoot up to a level
by which the countries down could revel
and get confined to progress and prosperity


Enchanting Rush.

There is a mad rush to a place
and an unprecedented chase
going on in different phase
know not how to face.

There is a gold find there.
The people flock to share.
They take extreme care.
Hope it is not a snare.

Slogging and toiling day and night
Time passes on in a the site.
Unearthing the yellow metal in the plight.
making a fortune at sight.

On hearing there is more rush
as people throng with a push
informing all to keep hush
as it would bring in a big crush.

Mining goes on for days
Every day’s record is beaten in ways.
Men collect gold with a craze.
They grow rich in a daze.

The power of wealth is great
Acquiring it in a rate
unmindful of the fate
looks enchanting on (10)


All About Words.

The words are like gold
Valuable are the words told.
Words are never sold.
They might be cold
but should never fold.
The words are in hold
as they cannot be rolled

Words are to be kept.
They should not be swept.
Certain words have depth.
Others are very much adept.
Changing then do not erupt.
Twisting them is inept.
as they disrupt.

Words talk about the reference.
They make a difference.
They incur a lot of inference
Words present a coherence.
They also bring in an indulgence
calling for a insurgence.
Words carry a reverence,words-cant-describe1

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Evergreen Beckons

memoriesreflectionsEvergreen keeps on haunting.

Memories cast a taunting.

Recollections  indicate an overwhelming.   

Reflections  carry a loud thinking.


Past is not history always.

Lessons it imparts imply a say.

Deliberations hold us in a sway.

  Releasing an evergreen permeation all gay. 


Greenery  is a feast to the physical eye.

It fills up the heart  with pride high.

Paucity of greenery causes a sigh.

It is nature’s endowment beyond a buy.


Enthusiasm  enliven the soul.

Encouragement leads to the goal.

Happiness plays the lead role.

Imposing a green tone on the whole.


Evergreen beckons all to a road.

Trace of green is found in every fold.

Its physical tinge exhibits a lively gold.

Its  abstract form builds up an  enthralling  reload .