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The Promise

Promises are to be kept

never to be broken

as the word is an honour

carried out not in a banner

change should never find its way

as it would lead one astray

keep up your word

to live with pride in the worldpromises

if at all you slip

let it be  a flip

not  one of an ordeal

as it would  delete the cordial

rules have an exception

that should not work out a deception

never give place to illusion

always take the cue with a realization

the word is valuable than any treasure

going by it is  a precious feature

breaking it is disenchanting

being an anguish defeating.


All About Words.

The words are like gold
Valuable are the words told.
Words are never sold.
They might be cold
but should never fold.
The words are in hold
as they cannot be rolled

Words are to be kept.
They should not be swept.
Certain words have depth.
Others are very much adept.
Changing then do not erupt.
Twisting them is inept.
as they disrupt.

Words talk about the reference.
They make a difference.
They incur a lot of inference
Words present a coherence.
They also bring in an indulgence
calling for a insurgence.
Words carry a reverence,words-cant-describe1