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The Promise

Promises are to be kept

never to be broken

as the word is an honour

carried out not in a banner

change should never find its way

as it would lead one astray

keep up your word

to live with pride in the worldpromises

if at all you slip

let it be  a flip

not  one of an ordeal

as it would  delete the cordial

rules have an exception

that should not work out a deception

never give place to illusion

always take the cue with a realization

the word is valuable than any treasure

going by it is  a precious feature

breaking it is disenchanting

being an anguish defeating.

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The Practicalities

Going back is never too easy.

Back tracking is ever too easy.

Keeping up the promise is never too easy.

Eating up the words is ever too easy.

Hearing slander is never too easy.

Listening to praise is ever too easy.


The world moves on round and round.

The interruption  of movement is never found.

People’s talk  reverberates with full sound.

Their activity  advances never with a bound.

The life becomes meaningful with wealth abound.

No other means seeks a serious wound.


Living in the middle of conceit and greed

Man accepts the reality with a distinct breed.

Well, money has always been the prime need.

It is a requirement to arrange a feed.

What then is the crux of the deed?

It is something that directs to a bleed.


This transaction has been going on for years.

It has been carried out without any fear.

Nestling behind the scene  in the rear.

We trace a slight  jerk which is out of gear.

The affinity for wealth is found with extreme cheer.

As a finale it is held to the bosom so near.









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Promises Made

Not graceful to go back,

On the path you track,

On the word you   speak ,

On the promises you  peak.




Very easy to break,

The  path for your sake,

To alter the words for  your  take,

To shrug of the promise you make.



Never give way to fancy,

Nor succumb to  urgency,

As they will lead you to  frenzy,

By folding you up in an insurgency.



Promises  are  to be made

After  calling  for an important grade,

They do not reckon a trade,

Of profit and  loss assayed.



The words you utter,

Are not a mere mutter,

But a record of greater,

Practices and  charter.



Promises carry dignity

They are an outcome of serenity,

Done with absolute sincerity

Imposing a sombre gravity .



So never take  them  as  a joke

Promises create a definite epoch,

As they fly above the mediocre folk,

Embellishing a branded stroke.