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Black and Blue — Allegory

It was a blend of black and blue

came it with a dark hue

it looked pretty serene

a colour with a tinge of green

I  was taken to the combination

could be not a distraction

a pleasant sense of modesty

could hold a strain of royalty

as blue goes with the imperial

it was  nice and real

well, others felt it was too dark

does not suit those who are dark

the majority wins as always

I have to nod my head as always

acceptance has never been an issue

it is perhaps in my nerves and tissue

I would protest in  the stage initial

finally, go with the loudest decibel

this could be the way out

not always, I concur throughout

at times I throw and walk away

I had been the loser any wayBlack-and-Blue-Rose

the  colours black  and blue

have brought my attitude  true

Not The Colour.

The colour white has a pride

while black is a deride

this be found in the race

the whites have the prominent place

the blacks are  shown  the back seat

with that the whites  are upbeat

with a thought they are superior

walk with their  eyes on the sky

never do they bend even try

cast a scorn on other colours

includes yellow, brown  together

they condemn the black

and keep them out of track

snort at the other coloured

in a sort of a vision blurred

refuse to see the reality

with a high-handedness  in totality

that be their rule and reason always

mostly they degrade others in  every way.

I expect a tirade against me in a short while

as my friends  would not approve my style

not that of the writing as it is obviously correct

but that of my thoughts  in a direct.white privilege

The Squirrel And Ramayana

The squirrels cross my mind often
do also accost me direct
the one I found in Canada
like a big fat hen
looked so robust and strong
both in black and red tone
busy going up and down
gnawing nuts on the way.

The squirrels I see In India
look small and cute
light brown, could I say a mix
of grey and brown in a fix
with prominent stripes on the body
running all over in a mood gay
gnawing fruits on the way.

The stripes I see is peculiar
hold a story strange
attached to a mythology
tagged to the epic Ramayana
where Lord Rama touched the tiny one
the stripes appeared in a sudden
the Lord expressed his gratitude
as the squirrel helped him to win Ravana.

The epic highlights the theme
the smallest one could also render help
a significant illustration of love
a possible interpretation in the course
a symbolic representation of the values
and a point out that small is truly great
the stripes illustrate the theme of beatitude
along with the highest gratitude


The Colours Play

A grocer has colours too
a greengrocer is one
so do the smiths
the blacksmith
and the goldsmith
goes on colours in names too
there are Whites, Blacks
and Greens, Violet
and Rose in a pictorial hue
no semblance to the people
no connection to their names
the colours go into the stream
seamless is their intervention
subtle is their connotation
lovely they are in istock_000002746120smallan apparent jurisdiction.

The Crow On A Cow

The crow sat on a cow happily
as the white animal walked lazily
the bird black cawed feverishly
the cow sauntered with no aim
the crow went with it all the same
the one silent and flabby
the other noisy and skinny
a contrast visible all through
the black and white being of colour
the small and big of appearance
with an addition of other qualities
the soft alternated with loud
the nobility juxtaposed with treachery
the likely opposed to the unlikely
the enamoured compared with the endangered
both travelling together in a style
that of being one upon another in a move
Well, that be life in all aspects
might sound good or bad in all respects. Cow_and_crow_in_Siliguri

The Black Squirrel

A squirrel  in the garden

black and robust

runs up and down

seems  in a hurry

up it goes in a speed

perches itself high

gnaws the berries as fast

as  much as it could

descends down in a scurry

with the nuts in hand

rushes to the flower beds

digs a hole in a second

buries the nuts in it

closes the burrow in no time

perhaps it is its bank

might be an investment

as in the economics

might be a storage

be that of in ordinary

it is its vault for the winter

a lovely way to keep going

Well! a little squirrel also knows

the benefits of  saving too!


The Street Walk

Into the streets I walk
find I there no stalk
let alone the vegetation
there is much pollution
there I find no greenery
Only they look very dreary
soot and black fog all around
congestion and crowd in the round
noise steers across in loud
the din causes a strange bound
there is activity commercial
transactions go ahead in official
the street walk is no more pleasant
there is no fun and at times not decent.street walk