Haiku Poetry

Ripe berries

The ripe berries
look like beautiful red cherries
seen with ease,berries


The Black Squirrel

A squirrel  in the garden

black and robust

runs up and down

seems  in a hurry

up it goes in a speed

perches itself high

gnaws the berries as fast

as  much as it could

descends down in a scurry

with the nuts in hand

rushes to the flower beds

digs a hole in a second

buries the nuts in it

closes the burrow in no time

perhaps it is its bank

might be an investment

as in the economics

might be a storage

be that of in ordinary

it is its vault for the winter

a lovely way to keep going

Well! a little squirrel also knows

the benefits of  saving too!


Actions Poem

A Climb

Red berries
on the ground for long
become dry and wrong
losing their song.

Red berries
gathered at once
look fresh and round
increasing their bound.

Right thing
at the right time
gets ahead with a chime
proposing a climb
red berries