The Memory is Short.

The year going up to three hundred and sixty-five days
while the leap year having a day more
they roll on in no time as seen
great they seem to be when they begin
amidst shouts of Happy New Year
going demure when they wind up
with the heave and a sigh
saying with a displeasure
that another year has passed.

This being the charm of birth
and being the melancholy of death
when anything new and fresh dawns
there be a cheer and rejoice
both fading away from the arena
as quick as a wink in a shot
as the memory lasts not long
getting into the regular norms
that being the acceleration of the events.memory


Green And Yellow

The grass is green
everyone knows
the hay is yellow
that all know
what is new ? in that
you would ask. with a shout
the fresh one being green
and the dried turning yellow
shows a real follow
that things when are new
look beautiful and gleaming
catching the eye all the more
when they be let like that
for months and years together
they transform into a substance of mellow
with a maturity all round
modest and charming as well
which is old has also a value
that being young commands a fair chance
there  goes the way of life in a circle
all great and good  on the round.
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Secondary To Nature.

The weather remains pleasant
with a slight drizzle and a breeze
The chilliness is refreshing
while the body gets rejuvenated
the mind cheers up shedding its toil.
However much the artificial works out
the natural excels in its power
as much the electrical equipments
throw a pleasant feel
there arises an uneasy steal
which robs the freshness
inducing an allergic reaction
if not properly maintained through.
Nothing is best as nature
how much we try to cope up with her
we lose the grounds very swiftly
and be there as her secondary pleasant.


A Less Known Travel

Travelling with an enthusiasm
seeking adventure all throughout
went up a dense forest
situated on a hill little away
where wild animals freely roam.
With the desire to see them
my friend and I jumped into a jeep
drove through the entire forest
going to each nook and corner
around the lakes that lay full
hoping to see the animals loitering about.
Having seen many of them in the zoo
behind the cages morose and sombre
wanted to see them free and at liberty
nestling in the forests thick
nudging each other while walking lazily.
Waiting for long time atop the hills
finding no sign of the animals
raised the engine to maklion a move.
Finally to our delight and alarm at the same time
saw a roaring lion shaking its mane audaciously
marching royally towards us in a stately walk.
Negotiating the turn carefully we made our way
along the road driving hastily in a hurry
On our way came across many other friends mild
the giraffe, zebra and the monkeys
lying in the pathway breathing the fresh air
and munching the green leaves in a relaxed notion.

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A Climb

Red berries
on the ground for long
become dry and wrong
losing their song.

Red berries
gathered at once
look fresh and round
increasing their bound.

Right thing
at the right time
gets ahead with a chime
proposing a climb
red berries

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Sleeping Is A Blessing.

If sleeping is busy
what else is not busy?asked my friend

Getting this thought in mind
wanted to obtain a find.

Sleep to me comes
when I know not.
I lie down in the morn
have a siesta in the noon.
take a nap at dusk.
sleep soundly in the night.
Work all day makes you busy I told him
Sweating and perspiring makes you dizzy.
Sleep all day makes me busy said I.
Refreshing and relaxing makes me shine.
Well that be my goal all through the days
and none need frown at me everyday.


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A Liking For Fresh.

Anything fresh is delicious.

Let it be freshly plucked.

Let it be freshly prepared.

Let it be freshly worn.

Let it be freshly included.

Let it be freshly displayed.

Let it be freshly painted.

Let it be freshly written.

Let it be freshly spoken.

Let it be freshly pressed.



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A Whiff Of Fresh Air

Walked out of a crowded train,

Into a still more populated  strain,

Edging  through the sea of humanity,

Negotiating along the busy  insanity,

Made way to the  less treaded  path ,

Which meandered into a narrow  lane,

That led to a sprawling land  space,

Much away from the  dense base,

Where huge trees bow with grace,

Where lovely hedges greet with love,

Where pretty flowers dance with joy,

While  there triggers a sense of peace,

Rejuvenated by a whiff of fresh air.