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Bridal Blush – River Vaigai

The river is almost full
it flows with a great pull
a scene rare to see
as it is always free
water is a rare phenomenon
as the rains failed to come
unwanted things occupy the river bed
where cattle loiter instead
it appears as a polluted basin
where the city’s waste drains
the foul smell it emanates all around
destroy the environ in an abound
the ghastly sight was an eyesore
as the city became unfit to living
the water now flows with an ease
extending a fresh look and river vaigai lease
it is but wonderful to see the gush
as the river runs with a bridal blush.


Dark As it Holds –6

Grey is the sky

clouds moving shy

Where do they go?

seeing from low

gazing at it for long

stood there amazed

at the vastness  exhibited

Would they bring rain?

that would lead to gain

Would they? would they?

the mind probes  in dismay

as it hovers over the parched land

which once upon a time was grand

grains  and millets filled the  barn

now  all seem to have gone

with the field gone dry

no produce to buy

a sign of famine perhaps

a fluctuation in seasons

could attribute no reasons.



The River in My Town.

The river in my town. Vaigai  in name 

 flows with a frown

runs almost brownvaigai

 dry not on its own.

 ruined by a tone 

it is mostly known

 the contamination  is sown

 by man as shown 

who revers nothing grown

tarnishes most to a bone 

naked it lies with a moan

patiently borne 

its charm slips unhoned 

the river is dead  in the drone 

 a sad end to the mighty flown 






The Water Bodies

All the wdownload (45)ater bodies
look very dry and shoddy
cared by nobody.


The Blades Of Grass




The blades of grass

so far gleaming and sharp

shining with dew over them

glimmering in the day light

looks so pale and brown

turned so for no rain

withered and haggard

they appear in the morning light


A noteworthy sign of prosperity

grassthese green grass transformed

now to a dull dry coarse  yarn

render a feel of sadness in the tone

there be a strain and a drain

imploring for  copious rain

that play cats and dogs all through

signifying a parched lifeless land.


Actions Poem

Dry Spell

droopingIt was a hectic day.
Cleaning and winding up
the household for a break.
Instructing the staff
to take care
of the house
and the garden.
The monsoon has failed.
The heat is unbearable.
The plants droop .
The flowers bloom
not wholesome
but partial and then dry up.
It looks as though
the plants are crying
My home town looks
like a desert.
To keep the garden alive
have to buy water
which is turning expensive
as the demand rises.
Such failures do happen
once in five years
putting the people
to hardship and fear.
The government
p*ss a silent spectator.

Actions Poem

A Climb

Red berries
on the ground for long
become dry and wrong
losing their song.

Red berries
gathered at once
look fresh and round
increasing their bound.

Right thing
at the right time
gets ahead with a chime
proposing a climb
red berries

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A Productive Link

linkRivers are source of strength.
Some go dry almost in tenth.
Some flood most in length.
Others remain even at all fronts.

Rivers dry due to failure of rains.
Their runway turns parched creating a strain
Moss and mushroom grow extensively indicating a drain.
They turn into eyesores signifying a bane.

Rivers are in spate due to rainfall copious.
They cross the path in a speed dangerous.
They overflow with a velocity hideous.
The deluge causes disaster all through.

Linking of rivers has long been in the anvil.
This move would save all from evil.
It is a concept which remains idle.
Certainly this link would evade all blink.

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The Effect Of Lies.

Lie leads to a tie.

A tie directs to a buy.

The buy insists a try.

A try promotes a shy.

The shy creates a cry.

A cry pushes to a fly.

The fly brings out a sigh.

A sigh  predicts a die.

The die ends up dry.