The Evening Drive,

Going out in the evening

looking at the shops big and small

glorified with lights colourful

found  also over the tress on the roads

blue ,pink and white lights flicker

with the neon lights on the pavements

and the sodium vaporised lights shining bright

the darkness of the night dispelled

being eliminated by illumination

the moon over the skies

shining demurely and peevishly

feeling shy of the earthly lights

while the stars refuse to come out

afraid of the twinkling lights  far below

the man-made fusions succeed so well

that they pose a threat to the constellation

leaving the firmament bare and dark

the artificial overpowering the natural as ever

that which is new would seem better

the old losing its gleam  in the endeavour

thus goes the evening drive across the city.





The School Days,

Growing up with the years
becoming a girl with cheers
life moved on without any tears
getting into school as be the trend
holding mama’s saree end
sitting aloof from the girls
who call me to play
But with a sad face and a sob
I refuse to take them
Few days go by as I stay in the block
with an unfriendly move and restricted talk
Then gradually got into the stream
as days become months
Becoming a popular girl with a beam
with qualities of leadership latent till now
rose to lead the school with a glow
elected as a school pupil leader with great majority
Many unknown faces turned familiar
while extending a warm cordiality to all
resorted to helping them if they met with a fall
both academically and financially without a call
It was a change metamorphic shy unfriendly girl transformed
and reaches the highest level in a space of a decade.Schoolgrads12_andrews_pic
Those days keep ringing in memory now and then
hard to claim them once again.

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The Effect Of Lies.

Lie leads to a tie.

A tie directs to a buy.

The buy insists a try.

A try promotes a shy.

The shy creates a cry.

A cry pushes to a fly.

The fly brings out a sigh.

A sigh  predicts a die.

The die ends up dry.