darkness Poem

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Am I afraid of the dark?
never, quoth I with pride
dark is a bliss
when one can hear a hiss
it preempts a fear
never so to me dear.

The scary darkness as all say
is one not of gay
I relish in its silence
revel in its dissonance
darkness has its own glory
yet all condemn it with fury.

I lie in the darkness
with memories of past
one by one they go on a show
the long back comes in very slow
the lessons I learn
checks me with a discern.

sleep and darkness go well
they complement one another
as darkness sets in
the eyelids close in
slumber overwhelms to a death status
the conscious turns dormant in phases.

Theft and murder happen in darkness
a common belief all so ever
darkness hides the wrongdoer
never do I vouchsafe for this terror
evils take place in broad daylight
the men pass without casting a sight.

I am an advocate of darkness
I deny its allegiance to illicit
I admire its loveliness
the black sky renders a greatness
I might be a quixotic being to you
yet to me the darkness is best to view.

Darkness relates to many attributions
it being a benefactor to most
lovers huddle together in proximity
darkness gives them the wanted privacy
the child nudges and cuddles on to the mother
the birds nestle close under their feathers.

To be in the dark, an idiomatic expression
illustrates the ignorance in a strength
little does it know that darkness illumines
dark is an associate of calmness determines
an incongruity and a paradox ruminate
the explicitness is in the real frame
darkness puts radiance to a shame.

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The Evening Drive,

Going out in the evening

looking at the shops big and small

glorified with lights colourful

found  also over the tress on the roads

blue ,pink and white lights flicker

with the neon lights on the pavements

and the sodium vaporised lights shining bright

the darkness of the night dispelled

being eliminated by illumination

the moon over the skies

shining demurely and peevishly

feeling shy of the earthly lights

while the stars refuse to come out

afraid of the twinkling lights  far below

the man-made fusions succeed so well

that they pose a threat to the constellation

leaving the firmament bare and dark

the artificial overpowering the natural as ever

that which is new would seem better

the old losing its gleam  in the endeavour

thus goes the evening drive across the city.




Actions Beauty Experience Governance Hallucination Interpretation Lesson Life Religion thoughts

The Concept Of Religion.

Is religion anything to be afraid of?

Does it hold anything to be scared of?

It is a puzzle that keeps us off.


A blind follow of religion is common,

Any question is considered uncommon,

Religious calls are like summons.


Believers have different convictions,

Some say it is superstition,

Others express it as hallucination.


Well, things go about like that,

The best interpretation of religion is flat,

It says , occupation is religion, with a bat.


Business is an occupation,

It proposes a clean transaction,

Indeed, it is a positive perception.


Governance is a challenge,

It demands a balance in a range,

Incidentally it is a plausible change.


Professionals have to be sincere,

Their vocation commands high revere,

Likely it is  trait of great endear.


Each one has his own duty

The  predicament is itself a beauty,

Cumulatively this is religion in its glory.